World Cup 2014 Match Highlights

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Fifa World Cup Live & Highlights

You bookmark this page and it will have links to every match’s highlights. The other way is to use navigation just under the logo. goto football >> Highlights category and you will have matches listed there.

World Cup Match Highlights
1 Brazil vs Croatia Highlights 12 June
2 Mexico vs Cameroon Highlights  13 June
3 Spain vs Holland Highlights 13 June
4 Chile vs Australia Highlights  13 June
5 Colombia vs Greece  14 June
6 Uruguay vs Costa Rica  14 June
7 England vs Italy  14 June
8 Ivory Coast vs Japan 14 June
9 Switzerland vs Ecuador
15 June
10 France vs Honduras 15 June
11 Argentina vs Bosnia 15 June
12 Germany vs Portugal 16 June
13 Iran vs Nigeria 16 June
14 USA vs Ghana 16 June
15 Belgium vs Algeria 17 June
16 Brazil vs Mexico
17 June
17 Russia vs Korea
17 June
18 Holland vs Australia
18 June
19 Spain vs Chile
18 June
20 Cameroon vs Croatia
18 June
21 Colombia vs Ivory Coast 19 June
22 England vs Uruguay 19 June
23 Japan vs Greece
19 June
24 Italy vs Costa Rica
20 June
25 France vs Switzerland
20 June
26 Ecuador vs Honduras
20 June
27 Argentina vs Iran
21 June
28 Germany vs Ghana
21 June
29 Nigeria vs Bosnia
21 June
30 Belgium vs Russia 22 June
31 South Korea vs Algeria
22 June
32 USA vs Portugal 22 June
33 Holland vs Chile 23 June
34 Spain vs Australia 23 June
35 Brazil vs Cameroon 23 June
36 Mexico vs Croatia
23 June
37 Italy vs Uruguay
24 June
38 England vs Costa Rica
24 June
39 Colombia vs Japan
24 June
40 Greece vs Ivory Coast 24 June
41 Argentina vs Nigeria
25 June
42 Iran vs Bonsia
25 June
43 France vs Ecuador
25 June
44 Switzerland vs Honduras
25 June
45 Germany vs USA
26 June
46 Portugal vs Ghana
26 June
47 Belgium vs South Korea
26 June
48 Russia vs Algeria 26 June
49 Brazil vs Chile (Round of 16) 28 June
50 Colombia vs Uruguay (Round of 16)
28 June
51 Holland vs Mexico (Round of 16)
29 June
52 Costa Rica vs Greece (Round of 16)
29 June
53 France vs Nigeria (Round of 16)
30 June
54 Germany vs Algeria (Round of 16)
30 June
55 Argentina vs Switzerland (Round of 16)
01 July
56 Belgium vs USA (Round of 16)
01 July
57 Germany vs France (Quarter-Finals)
04 July
58 Brazil vs Colombia (Quarter-Finals)
04 July
59 Argentina vs Belgium (Quarter-Finals)
05 July
60 Holland vs Costa Rica (Quarter-Finals)
05 July
61 Brazil vs Germany (Semi-Finals)
08 July
62 Argentina vs Holland (Semi-Finals)
09 July
63 Brazil vs Holland (3rd Place Match)
12 July
64 Argentina vs Germany (THE FINAL)
13 July

World Cup 2014 will be getting underway in a weeks time and currently we have all 32 nations playing warmup games heading to the big event. Here on tsmplug we will be covering each and every game of world cup with live match links, pre match and post match shows . So if you miss the game for one reason or the other, you can come to this page right here which will have match highlights of all 64 matches.

All 64 world cup matches highlights 2014

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