Rio Olympics 2016 (All you need to know)

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Rio Olympics 2016 wallpaper

Next olympic games will be taking place in Brazilian city “Rio de Janeiro” starting from 5th August 2016 to 21st August 2016. Rio De Janeiro was choosen ahead of other bidding cities like Tokyo, Madrid, and American city chicago. This will be the dedicated Olympic 2016 page which will contain links to all the articles and pages related to Olympics 2016.

Rio Olympics 2016 official logoRio Olympics 2016 – Official Logo:

Brazilian graphic company “Tatíl Design” produced the logo for 2016 Summer games and they did a pretty good job with a nice and clean looking logo for olympics 2016. The logo design was inspired by some of the very famous brazilian sights and below is the video which shows the logo creators talking about their expierence and how they came up with this desing.

THE GAMES – Number of Sports In Olympics 2016

The 2016 Summer games will feature 28 different sports with 41 categories and making it a grand total of 306 sporting events in the period of 15 days.

Rugby Sevens olympics 2015New Arrival: Rugby Sevens

In August 2013 IOC approved the inlusion of “Rugby Sevens” to the olympic events while removing baseball, roller sports, and squash from the list. While Golf, Karate and Softball were kept after consultation with the IOC memebrs. Now we have 28 different sports about which we will be writing an in-depth article.

Rio Olympics 2016 Calendar:

Rio summer games will get underway with a lush opening ceremony starting from 5th August 2016 and although the final schedule is not confirmed but we do have a provisional calendar showing dates and events on each of the 15 days in Summer olympics 2016.

Olympics 2016 Broadcasting TV Deals:

Usualy olympic games are aired in every country on free-to-air channels and sometime on paid and subscription based tv channels. The main broadcasting rights were sold to Brazilian tv company “Organizações Globo” who will be airing on free-to-air channels in domestic regions while they will be lending their footage to international media companies.

Will Rio be ready in time for the opening ceremony ?

There are huge concerns where Brazil will be ready to host such a major event and we will know soon enough When Brazil host FIFA World Cup. According to some sources Rio is way behind in preparations compared to previous two cities who hosted Olympics.

With two years to go, Athens who hosted 2004 Olympics were 40% prepared while London with their 2012 Olympics were 60% ready and Rio who will be hosting 2016 Olympics are said to be just at 10% on their preparations to host Olympic with 2 years to go they have a mountain to climb.

London are said to be confirmed as emergency host city, incase Rio fail to get it self equipped with needed resoursces and infrastructure.

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