Marc Marquez Wins Austin USA MotoGP 2014

Marc Marquez continud his superb start to the season with another win in Austin MotoGP this weekend, he is now leading the championship table by 14 points to Dani Pedrosa

Defedning champions Marc Marquez won his 2nd consecutive MotoGP grand prix this season with finishing first in Austin, the grand prix of the america. Dani Pedrosa is close 2nd with 36 points to his name and than comes the Doctor with 28 points. Next race will be in south american country Argentina at “Autódromo Termas de Río Hondo” circuit.

Marc Marquez Salary Marquez is looking like unstopable with his superb form at the moment. I can’t see anyone challenging him this year as well. He will become the youngest two time World Champion as the things stand.

Next stop is Argentina Grand prix which will be taking place on 27th April 2014 in the circuit Autódromo Termas circuit. It will be interesting to see how things go from here

Marc Marquez MotoGP highlights

Upcoming MotoGP Races
DATE Grand Prix Winner Race
Qatar GP Marc Marquez 23 March
United States GP  Marc Marquez 13 April
Argentina GP  27 April
Spanish GP  04 May
France GP  18 May
Italy  01 June
Catalunya  15 June
Dutch  28 June
German GP 13 July
10  Indianapolis GP 10 August
11  Czech Republic GP 17 August
12  British GP 31 August
13  San Marino 14 September
14  Aragon GP 28 September
15  Japenese GP 12 October
16  Australian GP 19 October
17  Malaysia GP 26 November
18  Valencia GP 09 November


MotoGP 2014 Live StreamMOTOGP 2013 Short Review:

Start MotoGP season is approaching fast and we have the confirmed season schedule where first race will be in Qatar, Losail circuit on 23 March 2014 while the last race will be in November in Spanish city of Valencia. Last season we covered every single race on this page starting from every Practice session to qualifying round and of course the big race. This page will have the live stream a few minutes before the start of the every grand prix session, be it Thursday Practice runs or Qualifying on Saturday or the big race on Sunday. Live links should be up half an hour before the session starts.

Motorsports are one of the most widely followed events through every sports calender and on this website you can follow the MotoSports including MotoGP and Formula 1 Live and Results Highlights every week till the end of the season. We will be proving live streaming links of the MotoGP season, every single race through out the MotoGP calender in 2013 and 2014 which will start next year.

We are already three races into the 2013 MotoGP season and we have provided Live streaming links for every race, but from now on you can bookmark this page and comeback here every week to follow the live action of MotoGP racs. Next race of the season is French MotoGP which will be on 18th May 2013 and you can watch the live streams and get the download about content for free here.

MotoGP is a very exciting event and they have some really famous riders in Valentino Rossi, Nicky haden, Joerge Lorenzo, Marc Marquez who are fighting for the 2013 Riders Championship. Who will go on to the become the MotoGP World Champions ? well its remain to be seen but we will keep you updated with all the live streaming action from the MOTOGP 2013

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