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by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Wednesday, June 25th, 2014 | 6

The last big game in the 2014 world cup group stages will see USA takes on Germany in what is a very important game for both sides. Germany are sure to qualify for next round given they don’t lose with hockey score while USA need atleast a draw if portugal or ghana win their game. Its all setup for a blockbuster night of football and of course USA will take heart from their june 2013 display against Germany which they won 4-3.

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Many people expect Germany and USA to play out a draw which will favour both sides as Germany will finish top of the group while USA will qualify as runnerups regardless of the results in other game. But Jurgen Klinsmann has came out and said that they will go for a win and he is sure that Germany will do the same. After three high profile exits from the tournament already Germans are favourites to go all the way alongside Brazil to win the competition. below is the short preview and statistics ahead of the game.

Match Statisitcs and Preview:

  • Germans were the top goal scorers in the European world cup qualifiers having netted 36 goals, 2 more than Holland and they defeated Portugal 4-0 in the opening fixture.
  • USA has played out two cracker of world cup games already first defeating their world cup nemesis Ghana by 2-1 and than they came from behind to almost win the game against Portugal but a late goal prevented them to qualify from this group after two matches. Now although their destiny is in their own hands but if they were to lost by more than 2 goals and Ghana beat Portugal they will be going home.

Possible Starting Lineups of Both Sides:

Miroslov Klose came out as a sub to score the equaliser against Ghana in their 2nd group game and he is likely to start upfront as Germany are well placed to qualify even if they lost (not with big margin though). This is how I expect both teams to lineups heading into the last group game.

Match Predictions:

Idealy both teams will be happy with a draw but Germany might give it a right go knowing their goal difference is good enough to take them to next round, but USA will be alot more conservative in their attacking approach. I think Germany will win this win with a narrow margin and that should be enough for USA to get through as I also Predict Portugal to register their first win against Ghana.

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  • Doug

    Here you predict Portugal to register their first win against Ghana in this article. But in your article about the upcoming Portugal vs. Ghana match, you predict a 3-2 win for Ghana.

    What’s your prediction?

  • Rob

    mr Joe – Game is a game! both football and cricket has fan followers it might look odd to say which is energetic be a sport enjoy match which follows then passing comments .

  • Rob

    Mr Joe – Game is a game! both football and cricket has fan followers it might look odd to say which is energetic be a sport enjoy match which follows than passing comments .

  • Martin Hohmann

    Of course Germany should as favorite win the game though i personally prefer a draw as a German – as it takes out Ghana and Portugal at once – the Portuguese did not convince me in the first two matches so they don’t deserve to go anywhere further and Ghana was working hard for it however the USA showed the better results in the first two games and therefore deserve in my opinion to go forward as runner ups

  • vincent

    omg, frickin TY. ive spent the 1st half trying to find a stream since im out of home country.

  • Jack

    The highlights is showing match between ghana vs portugal. Please fix the highlights video.

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