FIFA World Cup 2014 Bracket Predictions

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Wednesday, January 1st, 2014 | 40

World Cup 2014 Predictions

Less than a year away, with just 5 teams confirmed for the next year with Brazil the home side, and 4 Asian sides who finished their Asian World Cup qualifiers. So its hard to predict who is going to win the competition but if we look at all the World Cup qualifers around the world we can safely assume some of the big nations who will be going to Brazil. With teams like Spain, Holland, Germany, Argentina, Italy, Uruguay, Columbia, USA, Belgium and so on are cruising in the qualifying campaigns its hard to see any major upset of a big nation not making it to the finals. Lets first take a look at the 2014 World Cup Groups.


Fifa world cup draw was made on 6th december and this is how the 8 groups look like


These are my predictions for the FIFA World Cup final and because as we all know the bracket (knockout ties possibilities) as winner of “Group A” will take on runner up of “Group B” and so on. So according to that here is my knockout predictions.

FIFA World CUp 2014 Bracket Predictions

most of the groups are very predictable but it gets tricky in quarter finals. Now we are going to take a look how and why Germany vs Argentina final is a destiny ?

Germany vs Argentina – World Cup 2014 Final

If Germany and Argentina finish first in their groups, they won’t meet until the big final. Take a look at the above world cup bracket, Germany will meet either Russia or Belgium in first knockout round and in quarter finals they might face France. Should Brazil reach semifinal they are likely to face Germans. I expect Germany to finish of Brazil’s world cup dream in Semifinals and make it to the final.

Germany squad is pretty balanced one compared to some other big nations their main strength is the depth of the squad as they can call world class players from bench to change the course of any game.

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Argentina on the other hand, probably has the best strike force in the world with Messi, Higuain, Aguero and Di Maria leading the forward line. They have couple of decent midfielders and defense is not bad either. In WC 2010 they were one of favourites to win but “Maradona circus” kind of distracted the team and they got knocked out early.

This time around they look a force to reckon with specialy playing at very familiar conditions. They will meet either Switzerland/Ecuader in the first knockout round while in quarter-finals it will be either Belgium or Portugal. I expected Spain and Argentina to meet in the semifinals where Messi will be the difference who will lead Argentina to final against Germany.

What are your thoughts and predictions for the fifa world cup ? do let me know in the comments blow and dont forget to catch live streams and match highlights on tsmplug, throughout the world cup.

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  • Abraham

    It’s Colombia

  • ana

    very funny, Portugal isn’t one team player, yes we do have Ronaldo as do have other teams, players that stand out one more then others and therefore are more talked about! its his job anyway that’s why is there, to score and take maximum advantage of his capability as a player, a very good one! I do think and hope that we do well on this world cup

    • Tobias loves Neymar and Messi

      Cristiano is getting/felling old bro but neymar has been in the Champions League so we will see whos is the best after the fifa world cup:)

  • Tobias loves Neymar and Messi

    its going to be between Brasil, Spain, or Argentina

  • footballfan

    Bitch please,in Luiz and Thiago Silva,Brazil boasts the best centre back duo in world football at the moment

  • Brazil fan

    I don’t think argentina will make it through semi finals. If brazil want to win they have to include Ronaldinho and Rafael da silva in the squad.

  • JF

    Brazil looks stong with a lot of young energetic players. Not sure if experience will last enough to win the Cup, although it wil be tough to break them behind home croud. Spain will not win and will be upset by Italy. Be careful with the Italians, as no one predicted they would win in 2006. I say Italy will prevail in South American Turf to even off the titles between them and Brazil. Germany cant beat Italy under pressure and Baloteli will look for revenge when they beat Spain. Brazil will lose in the finals.

  • George

    Germany have got to be favourites but Brazil have to be in contention also. though brazil still need players like Ronaldinho. Argentina dont have a chance this is because their back 4 is terrible and they will have to win games 4-3 + Messi dosent perform for them

    • weo vbe


  • Georges Jean

    Amidst the strong World squads for the FIFA World Cup, Brazil will get to a decisive quarter-finals. To win this World Cup, Brazil have to replicate the 1994-2002 Brazilian squad. Not having a player who can be a pure forward striker as O, Fenomeno, is a disadvantage for Brazil. Netherlands, Germany, Argentina, Uruguay, and France will be a force in the semi-finals, where either Netherlands or Germany may win the World Cup! Also, Brazil were in 22nd World FIFA Ranking when Brazil won the Confederations Cup; in this way, you cannot expect Spain to win another World Cup– even if Brazil meet with Spain beyond a probable semi-final. Keep in mind that Brazil never won the World Cup in home soil. To me, finally, you’ll need a better Brazilian squad to win a World Cup in the likes of 1970-1982 Brazilian squad. Don’t be surprised to see both Germany and Netherlands in the semi-finals!

  • weo vbe


  • Shittu julius

    Nigeria will win the 2014 fifa world cup. He will prove to the world nation the name he bears in recent years as the giant of Africa

  • yolo

    There is no question the two teams in the finals will be france and brazil. Germany,spain and Argentina have lacked style where as france have contradicted their dismal 2010 world cup. With young stars like benzema,ribery,nasri,lloris,pogba,varane,remy

    • Addam Marbrand

      Nasri was left out. Germany never needed style. I’m 24 years old and I never saw them failing to reach at least the quarter-finals in a FIFA World Cup, and they usually reach the semi-finals.

    • aaaahhhhhhhhh

      you mad guy now what happend not even one team which you said have com only argentina and germany have come you go to mental hospital and check mukh mafi vala laaaa

  • Ruth

    my quaterfinalists are: argentina, germany, brazil,holland, belgium, portugal, italy, england

    • Addam Marbrand

      Hey Ruth: among Germany, Belgium and Portugal you can only pick 2.

    • aaaaa

      hey mad guy you cant make this much countrys in quaterfinals is it right you?

  • Naqvi Ali

    From my point of view Italy or Germany will win

  • Electro MPS

    brazil will win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • aaaaaaaaa

      germany won

  • Konstantin Shevchenko

    I wish Russia upset Germany.
    As a good soccer player, its sad to me that Russia isn’t very good. I hope they will make it into at least the top 16.

  • blueba

    The prediction of AR GR final is fine but one problem is that Tevez is not on the AR squad. So it kind of throws off the analysis, no?

  • Paul

    Sorry Spain will take the title!!!!

  • Paul

    Spain will hold history! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out! Sorry boys but Argentina and Brazil and Italy and Germany and Netherlanders and every team is wasting their time….La Roja will win, the key players are all champions!!!! VIVA ESPANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • venki

      HAHAHAHA ROFL… They just got thrashed by the Netherlands

    • Ravi

      your team lost dude didn’t qualify for the first time

  • tman

    Dear Blueba if you read the article, it clearly stated that it was written last year and Tavez was just anounced that he is not going to Brazil, so it doesnt really throw off the analysis.
    PS to all, BRAZIL is winning their six title.

  • Addam Marbrand

    Belgium is the most overhyped team this tournament. First off, every pundit seems to predict they will finish first in their group. They have amazing players, no doubt, but Russia is a very fast team and Korea is a very tactical team, relying often on a deep lying playmaker such as Ki Sung Yueng. I don’t think Belgium’s defense is ready to deal with that. But what amazes me the most is how everyone just assumes that Belgium will prevail against Portugal.

    Also, France has the shittiest team in a decade, but they totally lucked out, being seeded into that group. They’ll likely advance into the quarter finals just thanks to their seeding position.

    • Mike

      LOL Belgium will ruin every team in there group especially with hazard and lukaku being extremely in form.

      • ddddddddddddddddd


  • Elliott Axinn

    I can’t help but think about the fact that Spain won last time, and the two Champions League teams in the finals were both from Madrid. It seems to me that Spain has the edge. By the way, I am from the U.S. and, consequently, not saying this because I am Spanish. Just making an observation.

  • Andres

    I’m telling u about how good Netherlands played today against Spain was incredible. I think the finals will be Netherlands vs Argentina. And fighting for 3rd place will be Brazil and Germany

    • Sam

      Germany or Argentina

    • Sam

      Muller vs Messi

  • Prisckwe Linda

    the CUP is coming to Africa

  • You_ARe_Stuuuuupid

    you are an idiot…germany can not play portugal in the round of 16..G1 plays H2 and G2 plays H1…ergo Germany as G1 would play Algeria/Russia and Portugal if they Make it will play Belgium/Algeria/Russia…

    • neymar

      you ar stupid its wrong learn abc

  • kelrune

    hate to say it but your bracket is already falling apart

  • Aisha

    Messi v/s Muller

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