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From now on this page will be used for the free live streams of Asia Cup 2018 taking place in UAE and later we will use this same page for ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 so please bookmark this page and comeback here to get the live streams of any sport world cup.

Argentina live stream 2014 world cup13 July – Argentina vs Germany
Time: 20:00 UK time
Venue: Maracana, Rio De Jenairo

Shakira to perform at 2014 world cup closing ceremonyWorld Cup – Closing Ceremony
Time: 18:30 UK Time
Performers: Shakira

Argentina are through to the final of 2014 World Cup as thez beat Holland on penalties, game finished 0-0 in normal time and extra-time which lead to penalties shootout drama where Argentina held their composure to reach their first Final since 1986 world cup.

Argentina will play germany in the final of 2014 world cup on 13 july while Holland will take on Brazil for the 3rd place playoff on 12 july. Two semifinals were in contrasting style to each other, Germans beat Beazil in what was one of the most one sided knockout tie in ages while there was nothing between Argentina and Holland in normal and extra time.

FIFA world Cup has already got us many surprises with England, Italy and Spain already out of the competition it gives the remaing powerhouse like Germany, Brazil, France and Argentina a great chance going all the way and winning the competition. Holland are another team who has been sensation this tournament and they will be facing mexico in the next round while Portugal will be fighting for their life to get through to the next round when they take on Ghana.

Neymar shines as Brazil Beat Cameroon

Italy and Uruguay game is a knockout tie in itself, italy must win this match to get through to the next round while England will be playing for pride against Costa Rica.

Greece and Ivory Coast will be hoping to join Colombia in the next round when they take on each other with winner going through to the knockout stages, Japan will be looking beat Colombia and hope Greece beat Ivory Coast.

FIFA World Cup 2014 – Upcoming Matches
Match DATE Kickoff Time
Belgium vs Algeria 17 June 16:00 GMT
Brazil vs Mexico  17 June 19:00 GMT
Russia vs Korea  17 June 22:00 GMT
Holland vs Australia 18 June 16:00 GMT
Spain vs Chile  18 June 19:00 GMT
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