Leaked Football Kits 2014-2015 & Release Dates

This is the dedicated page of the clubs and Nations teams kits news and release dates while the leaked pictures of the kits will also be placed here. The links to the team kits will lead you to a specific team category shirts, they can be officialy released football shirts, leaked picutres of the shirts or rumoured kits.

Arsenal 2014-15 Leaked Kit

Arsenal home away kits for 2014-2015 season

This is Arsenal rumoured leaked kit 2014-15 by new kit suppliers Puma. The kit is suppose to officialy release in June-July before the pre season match gets underway. We will have more updates leading up to the next season and the official pictures as soon as the kit is released.

Chelsea 2014-15 Home Away Kits

Chelsea home kit 2014-15 released.jpgChelsea yellow away kitChelsea 2014-2015 third kit design leaked

Above pictures are the leaked images of Chelsea home and away kits to be used in 2014-15 season. These kits will be released in July after the world cup.

Liveprool 2014-15 Kits – Leaked

liverpool 2014-15 home kit releasedliverpool 2014-2014 yellow away kitLiverpool 2014-15 black third kit released

Allegedly these are the new warrior liveprool home away and third kits for 2014-15 season which will be released before Liverpool start their pre season in the summer 2014.

Manchester United 2014-15 Home Kit Leaked:

manchester united 2014-15 home kit leaked

The new manchester united home kit for 2014-15 has been leaked and the new kit features new sponsor logo of “Chevrolet” while nike is the kit supplier. The official release of the kit is suppose to be in during pre season tour of USA.

Tottenham 2014-15 Away Kit Leaked:

Tottenham 2014-15 away kit leaked

Tottenham Away kit has been released which is designed by Under Armour and it will be released at the end of the season, while home kit will come out just before the start of 2014-15 season.

Real Madrid 2014-15 Leaked Home & Away Kits:

Following are the new leaked kits for Real Madrid home and away. The home kit gets a tradional white as main colour while new kit comes in with “henley collar” at the back of the kit we have pink and black stripe which is new. While the away kit will be in pink/white colour way.

Real Madrid home away kits 2014-15 Leaked

AC Milan 2015 All Kits Leaked:

Following are the leaked kit of AC Milan, with all of them getting a overhaul in design. The new kits will officialy release before the start of AC Milan pre season tour in July.


FC Barcelona 2014-15 Kits – Leaked

Following are the FC Barcelona 2015 kits leaked in spanish media. They are draft of what could be new Barca kits for ext season and will be released in July.

FC Barcelona Nike Home Kit 2014-2015 Leaked Nike Away Kit 2015 Barcelona

Paris Saint Germain 2014-15 Kits - Leaked

Psg home kit for 2014-15 season comes in traditional colours with vertical stripes, while away kit will be all white and Champions League alternative kit is in red colour.

PSG home away third kits 2014-2015 leaked

AS Roma 2015 Kits – Leaked

Here are the new roma 2015 nike home and away leaked kits, release date is in july before the pre season starts.

AS Roma 2015 Kits AS Roma 2015 away shirts jersey

Premier League 2014-15 Team Kits News
Arsenal wage billArsenal Puma
Aston Villa Logo 2013-2014Aston Villa Macron
Chelsea Logo 2013-2014Chelsea Adidas  Home Released (4 April 2014)
cardiff city logo 2013-2014Cardiff City Puma
Everton Logo 2013-2014Everton Umbro
Fulham Logo 2013-2014Fulham Adidas
Crystal Palace Logo 2013-2014Crystal Palace Macron
Liverpool logo 2013-2014Liverpool Warrior
Man City logo 2013-2014Manchester City Nike
Manchester United Live StreamManchester United Nike
Newcastle United Logo 2013-2014Newcastle United
Southampton Logo 2014Southampton  Adidas
Swansea City logo 2013-2014Swansea City 
Tottenham Logo 2013-2014Tottenham Under Armour
Sunderland Logo 2013-2014Sunderland 
Stoke City logo 2014Stoke City  Warrior
West ham Untied Logo 2014West Ham  Adidas
West Brom Logo 2014West Brom 


Spanish La Liga Shirts 2013-14

Spanish La Liga Teams Suppliers Released/Leaked
FC Barcelona Nike Home + Away
Athletic Bilbao Nike Home + Away
Real Madrid Adidas Home + Away
Valencia Joma Home + Away
Athletico Madrid Nike Home + Away
Osasuna Adidas Home + Away


Italian Series A Shirts 2013-14

Serie ATeams Suppliers Released/Leaked
AC Milan Nike Home + Away
Juventus Nike Home + Away
Inter Milan Adidas Home + Away
AS Roma Nike Release Date
Napoli Puma Release Date
Lazio Nike Home + Away


German Bundesliga Shirts 2013-14

Bundesliga Teams Suppliers Released/Leaked
FC Bayern Munich Adidas Home + Away
Borussia Dortmund Puma Home Kit Leaked
Bayer Leverkuson Adidas Home + Away
FC Schalke Adidas Away + 3rd Kit
Hamburger SV Puma Release Date
FC Stuttgart Home + Away

New kits of club and nations teams 2013-2014

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    Looks like the kit for Bayern Munchen 2014/2015 has been leaked.
    Could really be possible some kind of back to basic with the white accents in the shirt.

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