Leaked Football Kits 2014-2015 & Release Dates

Premier League Kits 2014-2015
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This is the dedicated page of the clubs and Nations teams kits news and release dates while the leaked pictures of the kits will also be placed here. The links to the team kits will lead you to a specific team category shirts, they can be officialy released football shirts, leaked picutres of the shirts or rumoured kits.

Manchester City 2014-15 Home Kit – Leaked

This is the new leaked image of man city home 2014-15 kit for the upcomign season. Nike produced a pretty much similar design to the last season.

Manchester United 2014-15 Home Kit Leaked:

The new manchester united home kit for 2014-15 has been leaked and the new kit features new sponsor logo of “Chevrolet” while nike is the kit supplier. The official release of the kit is suppose to be in during pre season tour of USA.

New Arsenal 2014-15 Kits - Leaked

These are the new home and away arsenal 2014-15 kits designed by Puma, both kits will be released during the pre-season tour for arsenal.

Juventus 2014-15 All 3 Kits - Leaked:

Below are the new home away and third kits for Juventus which they will be using in 2014-15 season.

Inter Milan 2014-15 Home Away Third Kits Leaked:

All three home away and third kits for Inter Milan has been leaked for upcoming season 2014-15. take a look at the shirts here.

Real Madrid 2014-15 Leaked Home & Away Kits:

Following are the new leaked kits for Real Madrid home and away. The home kit gets a tradional white as main colour while new kit comes in with “henley collar” at the back of the kit we have pink and black stripe which is new. While the away kit will be in pink/white colour way.

Chelsea 2014-15 Home Away Kits

Above pictures are the leaked images of Chelsea home and away kits to be used in 2014-15 season. These kits will be released in July after the world cup.


Tottenham 2014-15 Home & Away Kit: Released

Tottenham Away kit has been released which is designed by Under Armour and it will be released at the end of the season, while home kit will come out just before the start of 2014-15 season.


Paris Saint Germain 2014-15 Kits - Leaked

Psg home kit for 2014-15 season comes in traditional colours with vertical stripes, while away kit will be all white and Champions League alternative kit is in red colour.

Liveprool 2014-15 Kits – Leaked

Allegedly these are the new warrior liveprool home away and third kits for 2014-15 season which will be released before Liverpool start their pre season in the summer 2014.

Fiorentina Jume Kits – Released:

Bayern Munich 2014-15 Home Away Third Kits – Leaked:

The home kit is officialy released while the away kit will be white and the third kit will come in all black colour design. take a look at the below pictures.

Bayern Munich 2014-15 home away third kits

Warriror FC Porto 2014-15 Kits – Leaked:

These are the leaked images of Warrior Porto Kits for next season, the home kit comes in traditional design, while Warrior did massive experiments with away and third pink kit.

Atletico Madrid 2014-15 Home & Away Kits – Leaked

Here are the new home and away kits for spanish club Atletico Madrid which has been leaked online, the home kit is pretty much in traditional design while the away kit comes in unique desing.

FC Barcelona 2014-15 Kits – Leaked

Following are the FC Barcelona 2015 kits leaked in spanish media. They are draft of what could be new Barca kits for ext season and will be released in July.

AC Milan 2015 All Kits Leaked:

Following are the leaked kit of AC Milan, with all of them getting a overhaul in design. The new kits will officialy release before the start of AC Milan pre season tour in July.

AS Roma 2015 Kits – Leaked

Here are the new roma 2015 nike home and away leaked kits, release date is in july before the pre season starts.

Galatasaray 2014-15 Kits – Leaked

galatasaray away 2015 kit galatasaray home kit

Athletic Bilbao 2014-15 Kits – Leaked:

The new Bilbao kits for 2014-15 season has been leaked, the home kit is traditinal vertical red and white while the away kit comes in green colour.

S.L Benfica 2014-15 Kits – Released

The new Benfica home kit comes in red colour with dark red application while away kit comes in black with red application.

Ajax Amsterdam 2014-15 Kits – Released:

The home kit is tradional red/white colour with polo style collar, away kit is unique in design with dark Blue/striking yellow colour with round collar.

Swansea City 2014-15 Home & Away Kits:

The home kit comes in all whtie with black application while away kit has red and black colour combination.

Swansea City home kit 2014-15 Swansea City away kit 2014-15

Sevilla FC 2014-15 Home Away Third Kits – Leaked

Official home kit for 2014-15 season has been released while away and third kits are leaked. below are the pictures of all kits.

New kits of club and nations teams 2013-2014

  • jelle

    Looks like the kit for Bayern Munchen 2014/2015 has been leaked.
    Could really be possible some kind of back to basic with the white accents in the shirt.

  • Bowskill247


  • http://thesportsbreakfast.co.uk/ Madonsport

    The new Manchester United shirt looks pretty awful, as does the Barcelona away shirt.

    • v


    • Checker358

      away barca’s shirt is on a woman’s body lol

  • l0l

    manchester united is a shit club they sack managers for fun

    • G

      Lol i dont know what you are on but you are mistaking them for chelsea….considering they have sacked a manager (prior to moyes) for 27/8 years

      • D’quille Hypolite

        dont listen to the haters remember everyone still has to respect MANCHESTER UNITED because we have 20

    • sa

      for fun?shut da fuck up cz u dnt know hat u talkin abt

    • jose

      And you are and asshole so shut up

    • Kristine

      you know nothing man. STFU

    • Danny kendall

      26.5 years one manager and what a manager SAF was

    • pazzag

      they have sacked one manager who did a terrible job?

    • D’quille Hypolite

      u mean chelsea sack for fun

    • Bob

      Sir Alex Fergerson. Enough said.

    • Boodywootie

      Oh and here comes the hate, whoever you support in this League, they haven’t done as well or been as successful as Man United has, so shut up. One manager in like 26 years! Although Man United’s glory days are over, there is still no need for that! Who do you support anyway? Bristol Rovers??

    • F.U

      Your shit

    • riddik

      mate your a tosser… Alex the pimp

    • Aritra Pal

      Man Utd have done justice with david moyes.He was not performing so he was sacked.That’s all.

    • natty_1804

      the club u probably support is as shit as wolves being relegated from the 2011 – 2012 season to the championship and then until the league 1.

    • natty_1804

      they do not sack managers for fun they want to be the best in the premier league. they want to win titles like sir alex did.

    • ThomasStriker

      MAAAN you’re stupid… xD Man United sack managers for fun? we’ve sacked 1 manager in over 20 years and did so because of how they went from 1st place to 7th.

    • Amr

      Yeah we sack managers a lot.
      Remember near Christmas when we sacked our manager. Oh no I’m sorry that was Fulham who sacked 3 managers this season and they still relegated so please don’t talk about things you don’t have knowledge about. And by the way, I am 14 and clearly have more knowledge than you do. How ironic is that? Glory Glory Manchester United.

  • tiKoO

    i fell in love with roma kits specially the away one <3

  • LiverpoolforLife


    • LoSerPoOL

      just wait for another year and the result are same with this pic…LOL

    • losepool

      take this shit loserpoollll…!!! hahahaha

      • BP

        dont have to reverse it. YNWA – You’ll Never Win Anything

        • D’quille Hypolite

          lololol i cried to this

        • Boodywootie

          Everybody said this about Arsenal, they’ll never win anything, they then won the FA Cup. Wigan beat Man City two years in a row in the cup, liverpool will do the same. Next year it will be Liverpool and Arsenals year! Just you wait you total losers. Nobody has won more than Liverpool, Arsenal and Man United!

    • The faction

      Outraged by everything ashamed of nothing blood on their hands

    • pazzag

      ok mate haha when suarez fucks off you wont have a chance at winning anything

      • http://iaoag385.tumblr.com iaoag385

        Suarez will probably come to Real Madrid. who will want to leave such a deal

  • Andrean Wilianto Tan

    Bayern Munich = Barcelona?? It’s so Bayern lona.. LoL.. hahaha.

    • Mark

      Bayern keep Winning when they play Jupp’s system.
      Triple last year and the Double this year. 5 CL Titles, 24 Bundesliga Titles and 17 German Cups.
      TOP CLASS!!!!l

      • Boodywootie

        Now they have a shirt that seems like Barcelonas, they will fall eventually just like Barcelona is. The La Liga is ruled by Madrid and Atletico now. The Madrid League.

    • Alvian Aditya Kanzi

      Oliver Kahn will punch you if he read your comment

  • Toyol

    Guardiola seems cannot rid out barcelona from his head. He change Bayern’s jersey into it. We’ll see either Bayern can be as Barcelona or just like Crystal Palace and Bologna.

  • Mike

    Pmsl. Why do people love slating united for everything and anything? It’s a new sponsor which is giving us more then your sponsors. Who does #101 support? We have fired 1 manger in almost 30 years. Muppet

    • Boodywootie

      Man United will still stand as the most successful team in Britain even in 10 years time. Man United will always be in the record books as one having the greatest run of 26 years with 1 manager and having continuous glory and also for having and bringing up some of the greatest players in English football.

  • Honourable Gbadeyan Olawale

    United,totteham,psg,and roma best of all

    • Boodywootie

      Tottenham’s shirts are just horrible, thats a shirt to wear if you just got relegated and it’s a shame as I like Tottenham.

      • Baz the Goooooooooooner

        spurs new kits will go down a storm when they wear them on Thursday nights.

  • jamie


  • TBE

    Roma’s home and away kits are both quality.

    Quite like Bayern’s away kit too.

  • ⚽️⚽️⚽️

    Bayern and Roma away shirts

  • Jenn Wong

    Is this a troll by Liveprool?

  • Pope Francis

    United, owned by United States of America. Pound your chest and scream MURICA!


  • wEEd

    psg home, inter and bayern alternative (black) best

  • Liam Shepard

    When will Sunderland release there kits?

    • Scroti Mcboogerballs

      When your mom bakes me a pie.


    Wheres West Ham??????

    • Boodywootie

      Don’t ask us, we don’t know either. How about you look and realise that they haven’t released there kits yet!

  • Emmanuel Bekoe

    the chelsea kits as usual are the best among the rest. seriously, i love the way the colours of the 3rd kit have been blended together.

    • G

      Obviously a chelsea fan

  • Patrice


  • Mansour

    Hala Madrid Best Kits Adidas And Arsonal And Puma ♥

  • Boodywootie

    Liverpool and Arsenal will rule next season. Barcelona will fall, Atletico will rise, Southampton will fall, England will get to Semi Finals, Spain will fall, Holland will play dirty and Man United has already fallen… Belgium will rise and so will Newcastle. Crystal Palace will also rise and Bayern will fall. The Madrid teams will rule next season and PSG will play dirty! You all are tossers as if you have read this far on you will realise that this prediction is far too ambitious.

  • abdullah


    • Dariy

      yeah, honestly, the best kit i`ve seen on a MU player was last season. Minimalistic, with the AON logo fiting perfectly, i loved the white one the most

  • bebop

    Yep, i really liked last season’s kit. This one looks crap.

    • Dariy


  • Gayboy876

    Man utd have completed the signing of robben come throb now btw united kit looks ugly it’s fake the kit will still have AON ON IT

    • http://Www.godh8sjesus.com David

      Actually, the shirt WILL have chevrolet on them, look it up, last season was AON’s last year as shirt sponsers….so im afraid to say….these are most likely man utds next set of ugly kits

  • lol

    like that :)

  • Laven Pillay

    Please do not renew the sponsorship with Nike – they have given pretty awful kits and take advantage of the fact that Man U probably sell most merchandise. There are some good probables but the new home and away kit look pretty awful.

  • http://iaoag385.tumblr.com iaoag385

    the real madris kit </3

  • http://iaoag385.tumblr.com iaoag385

    Real MAdrid kit </3

  • http://fuk.jews.com cowabunga

    Man Utd kit will be disaster when Kroos wears it

  • jd

    United to win the league

    • http://Www.godh8sjesus.com David

      Well they wont be for a few years

  • phil

    Ngl thought warrior were crap but they Actually make decent kits

  • http://Www.godh8sjesus.com David

    Well you don’t know that, thats in ten years time, Liverpool could win it two or three times and would be classed as that (again), and lets face it man utd, are going through a transitional period. And may not recover for 4-5 years…..i mean…how can man utd keep up with man city, Liverpool, chelsea, and arsenal atm…not like they are used to changing managers….they need time to adjust

    • Jordan

      Since when did man utd have to ‘keep up’ with arsenal and Liverpool ?? Man United has always been better than all english teams

      • http://Www.godh8sjesus.com David

        Sorry but you have a very short sighted vision of that, since man utd have only been brilliant for 26 seasons AFTER sir alex ferguson took over, liverpool has been brilliant for longer AND has the honour for the only ENGLISH team to have been champions of europe for 5 times which gives them a real authentic champions league trophy, and as i said if liverpool keep up on their progression and win the prem a 2-3 times liverpool will be the greatest english team….plus liverpool are improving and man utd are declining.

  • http://Www.godh8sjesus.com David

    Well it sounds mostly right….minus the predictions for palace, newcastle, bayern and spain. Oh and england

  • Aritra Pal

    Manchester united’s 14/15 kits doesnt’ looks good.

  • Aritra Pal

    The Aon kit was awesome.Not the Chevrolet one.

  • jebfrlebgr

    Arsenal all the way.

  • Donatas S

    Chelsea kits is always the most impressive over the years

  • blue moon

    Please remind me what have Arsenal won you muppet

  • DoN’t MiNd ReAlLy

    So what, man? Nobody gives a crap. I am a Liverpool supporter and I don’t hold a flipping grudge against Man U ! Yeah, some of my friends support man u or chelsea but I don’t really mind!
    Why are u lot getting in such a fuss!
    (People these days.Sigh!)

  • ooowwwyes

    PSG NEW KITS *v*

  • manu4life

    y do man u always design crap kits, dis is our comeback from the hell we had last year, OUR KIT NEEDS 2 B MORE EPIC

  • FJ

    PORTO’S KITS HAHAHAHA, straight out of the 80′s/90′s… brilliant. Also what were they thinking with Liverpool’s third kit, still an improvement on last season’s though… which isn’t saying much.

  • sidvirus

    the manchester unites kit is just a shit…..but other jerseys r awesome…!!!!!

  • Alvian Aditya Kanzi

    juve away, ajax away, inter home-away, simply the beAst among others