Germany vs Brazil Highlights 2014 World Cup

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Tuesday, July 8th, 2014 | 78

Germans tore Brazil apart in the first semifinal of 2014 world cup, they scored 5 in the first 30 minutes and added the sixth in 2nd half to humiliate Brazil in what was their biggest ever defeat in world cup history.

Germany 7-1 Brazil Highlights
[ 2014 World Cup – Semifinal ]
11′ 0 – 1 Thomas Mueller
23′ 0 – 2 Miroslav Klose
24′ 0 – 3 Toni Kroos
26′ 0 – 4 Toni Kroos
29′ 0 – 5 Sami Khedira
69′ 0 – 6 Andre Schuerrle
75′ 0 – 7 Andre Schuerrle

BBC Extended Highlights: (English 16 minutes)

In the first Semifinal of 2014 FIFA World Cup we will have Hosts taking on Germany who will be playing their fourth consecutive semifinal in the biggest football competition in the world cup. The stakes are high with the winner playing the in 2014 world cup final on Sunday next week against either Argentina or Holland.

Brazil vs Germany Live Stream

Brazil vs Germany Live Streaming, Date & Time:

This will be the first semifinal of 2014 world cup taking place at Estadio Mineirao in Belo Horizonte on Tuesday, 08 July 2014. The game will be shown live on BBC & ITV in United kingdom while ESPN and ABC will have the coverage of both semifinals in United States. The kickoff time of the semifinals are set for 17:00 Local – 21:00 Uk Time. We will place the live streaming links for this game 1 hour before kickoff with prematch buildup show.

Germany vs Brazil – First Semifinal 
Date Time Channels Venue
Tuesday 08 July 2014 17:00 Local – 21:00 UK BBC & ITV (UK), ESPN3 (USA) Belo Horizonte


Extended Match Highlights:

Once the game is over, we will put goals video right here on the page immedialty after the match and full match longer version of highlights videos will be available later in the night.

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  • naresh

    why the stream is not here? where can I watch live brazil vs Germany, please advise

    • Muhammad Abraar

      The stream appears just an hour before the scheduled match time.

      • Lamia Fetish

        What time is it now in UK it midnight here right now and I have work tomorrow

      • BC

        It is already 30 minutes into the match. No streaming, & no link. Can some help please?

        • Tsneem

          really ?? OMG ..

        • Tsneem

          really ?? :O

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        what time is it in Brasil ??

        • Adolf

          Time to pack up and pick a new career… hahaha

    • Sed Royal

      read carefully !!

      • Tesneem

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  • Indhurani

    Nice to meet you all sure in this first semifinals between Brazil and Germany sure Brazil will win by score 3 – 1
    in this there is no chance for Hulk to put goal.
    Hulk have chance to put goal baba
    but there are chances for Oscar William and Ramires
    may be each one goals
    In Germany sure Hummels have chance to put one goal
    sure 3 : 1 Beazil will win

    • germany <3

      hhhhh you were saying ? 5 – 0

      • Haris Riaz

        haha u were saying 7-1

    • YouSaid?

      I hope that you didn’t put money on that =P

    • tom

      in your dreams lol, go and drink some 7UP

  • M N

    Hi, will there be a live streaming for the semis and final?

    • Sameer

      Yes.. right here

      • Akhil Singh

        your stream get failed it is showing dns server failed

      • Tesneem

        I don’t know how to open the live steaming so can you please tell how ??? ://

  • Ganesh Yadav

    Germany and Brazil will aiming to reach final but Joachim Loew side have slightly advantage to go in the final and will be played against Holland vs Argentina winner. thanks for sharing details of Brazil vs Germany match

  • Dr.Sandip Mehta

    pls improve stream quality………

    • Sameer

      will try.. but for big games too many people are trying access streams which kind of effect the server and quality is not as good as normal matches.

  • lo

    when does it start at australia?

    • shifana

      Same time it starts in Brazil 😀

      • Sameer

        haha good one:)

  • nilu

    brazil come on

  • Muhammad Faheem

    i Think Brazil Win 2-1

    • OctoTiMe

      yes u r right. I got the answer long ago. I was travelling from time to time. Then Brazilian players will become most expensive players on earth.

      • Malik Waqas Tariq

        This is what has cast Brazil today The Money. See, winning brings us joys. If a player of my team become millionier how will it affect me but if he gets me a trophy under the flag of my country i will perish the moment the day for whole my life. Money is destroying the beauty of Footabll and many other sports.

  • Philippines

    Do viewers in the philippines can view this live stream?

  • tam

    voor witsel,fellani, hazard,lukaku,mirlas,mertens,c. compani,chadli,coertheowa,vermalen warom heben julie niet gescoort? en ik heet muaz en ik ben er door naar een andere klas in de klas 4a de kampioen van wk is belgium

  • Rafeeudheen

    Where is streaming…? Brazil Vs Germany

    • Anna Livarinen


    • Malik Waqas Tariq

      it has crossed Atlantic Ocean 😛

  • surah

    can anyone send the link please

  • zaq

    germany 5:1 brazil..

    • george

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    Where is the stream? Asking from india

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    why is the stream not coming at all????

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  • atul jain

    give me the working link please…

  • Vikram Malik

    The ad just does not go away from the screen…you’ve made it such that there is really no “x” to cross it off – each time I am ending up clicking on it and you are earning some money off these clicks but the viewing experience remains poor since the ad is occupying the entire screen.

  • Haris Shabbir

    hahahahah RPI Brazil 😀

  • Sed Royal

    Half Time score Germany 5 and Brazil 0.

  • Anant

    its more like watching ea sports live lmao… germans killed it

  • Sed Royal

    Scolari had Robhinio, Ronaldhinio and he just left them out. Fred and Oscar look good on training sessions. This team needs a near complete change. Their defense is amazingly horrible. They love to commit monumental errors.

  • Arpit

    Live Streaming anywhere?

  • Sed Royal

    it looks as if the commentators are more happier then the Germans.

  • Djannat Punjab

    Dont say anymore Gooooaaaall but say FAaaauuudes

  • Agest Iwi

    You guys talk to bullshit Brazil. I don’t like too rough game from Brazil’s players. LOL congratulation for German 🙂

  • Prapeen Lovely A

    Germany-7 Brazil-1

  • Poormanphysics

    Well no skill there but a lot elbows totally wrecked being physical will not give you the win in the long run, there is no glue to hold from what is left from the Brazil team while the Germans did their homework studied all night and a torrent of attack no high ball fliers but short passes easy kicks not the usual canon magnitude kind of goals so entirely different from their traditional playing style. And yes thanks to TSM plug for the chance to watch this live in this part of the world.

  • Mella9o

    Congratz for Germany 7-1 against brazil, I can’t believe my eyes huoh..

  • Diego Khan

    Grandioos Duitsland…and where is your big mouth now Scolari?! But beware Deutschland final ‘s not gonna be that easy….Tonight was just à pathetic performance of some of the worst Samba wankers ever walked on à football pitch. Miracle (FIFA??!!) they reached the semi-final. Europe rules!! Got à bit of à Rydercup feeling now. Come on Nederland crush them Argies Tomorrow.

    • HeathNoble

      You people get so mean around World Cup. It’s a game folks. Played by people with families and jobs and, well, let’s be nice. It’s unfortunate it was such a blowout. But notice how classy the Germans acted towards the Brazilians after the game? Can’t we do that, too?

  • kiwi93

    Best match ever! Die Mannshaft was unstoppable. Let’s hope they do the same in the finals.

  • Frank Zheng

    The timer keeps going when the ball is out of bound/inside the goal?

    • Pogopuschel

      Yep it does. That is why, when a lot happens in a half (like players getting hurt, stuff that stops the game for a long time) a few minutes are given at the end of each half on top of the normal 45. This is to keep players from stalling or using pauses for tactical changes or regeneration. Of course, not throwing in the ball when it is out and there is only little time left in the game the player that is stalling will sometimes get a yellow card for unfair behaviour.

  • kawi

    you have only one chance.i love brazil

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  • Jason Marel

    ahahahahahahaha :D:D you cracked me up’d hard

  • orang gila

    im fatty

  • zeljko

    I don’t know what to say after watching this, except… Are you sure that humans can move this fast ??? How about the extended stimulants control ? It would not be the first time for Germans to try such things … I mean look at those moves. They all move like they feel no tire at all…

    • M1Z2X3A2

      Stop hating you idiot….Brazil looked high on weed. It seems you also using too much weed, making everything look too fast.

  • max

    Brazil Blows, Costa Rica had better chances

  • M1Z2X3A2


  • Faiza Girach

    What a match

  • Faiza Girach

    Well done Germany

  • Jaspinder Singh Cheema

    i love germany team

  • Naagii

    WHERE IS VIDEOS??????????????

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