Brazil vs Colombia Highlights 2014 World Cup

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Friday, July 4th, 2014 | 33

In the 2nd quarter final of the 2014 fifa world cup we will have host Brazil will be taking on Colombia in what should be a great game to be played in Fortaleza on Friday night at around 21:00 BST. We will get you free live streaming links of this game with English and Portugese commentary so do join us here for live action and full match highlights after the game.

Brazil 2-1 Colombia Highlights
[ 2014 World Cup – Quarter Final Match 2 ]
07′ 1 – 0 Thiago Silva
69′ 2 – 0 David Luiz
80′ 2 – 1 (pen.) James Rodrigues

Brazil vs Colombia live stream

Brazil has huge expectations from their national football team who are playing at home against another South American side in Colombia who has been the best team in the competition so far. Brazil found it difficult against Chile to get going and we can safely say that Colombia will pose much bigger threat going forward when they take on Brazil in what should be a cracker of latin american tie.

Watch Brazil vs Colombia Live Streaming Online:

Just like all other games in world cup, we will be placing live streaming for the Colombia-Brazil game right here on friday night 4th july. We will place links 1 hour before the kickoff with primary stream being from ITV and alternative streams will have ESPN US coverage as well as the Portugese and spanish commentary links for all quarter final games.

Match Date Schedule and TV Channels:

Live coverage will begin half hour before the match on both ITV and ESPN and we will get the stream up and running well before that. The game will be shown live on ITV in UK and you can watch the game on Mobile or on your computer through ITV website, while ESPN will cover the game in USA and streaming available on mobiles and computers alike.

Second Quarter-Final Match Schedule
Match Date Time Channels
Brazil vs Colombia 04 July 2014 17:00 Local (21:00 BST) ITV / ESPN3


So check back 1 hour before the kickoff to get the live streams of this highly anticipated game in the tournament, we will have several links for all quarter final and Semifinal matches here so bookmark this page for Brazil game and remember to share the page on your favourite social bookmarking sites.

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  • Ganesh Yadav

    Neymar is confidant that hi’s nation can beat Colombia and go trough into last 4

    • tas

      brasil my best team cos all players have spirit of game

  • Ricky

    where’s the link to watch the match?

    • Sameer

      the match is tomorrow.

  • Neymar

    Yes I am.

  • Aitazaz Ahmad

    brazil wl win by 1-0 😛

    • Vanushca

      you were close but it was 2-1. lol 😉

  • Sameer

    you mad bro ? I see you are commenting hatred for a while now… whats bothering ?

    • Malik Waqas Tariq

      inn ki adat hai sameer bhae. They are in habit of doing so. They are the so-called glitter of south asia and do not have etiquette to talk about someone.

      • Nostradamus

        Bhai, pls dont generalize and blame the whole country… Bad. Mad ppl are everywhere…. keep it cool!!

        • Malik Waqas Tariq

          i dont know where decent people are Bro. I have been closely watching Indian. Come on! You dream about competing with China and still your youth end up in such talk which shows your mentality level. Exceptions are always there but they are very few. Appreciate the comment though.

    • maddy

      You are doing a great job. Fuck the haters.
      -from india.

  • sei

    where the hell is the live streaming?

  • Athul Nandhu S

    brasiil i love uuuuuuuuu

  • Rima

    i dont think brazil will win

    • Hamidur

      why do u think too much dear….hrghh

  • bladoug

    this ref changed the game. tough luck colombia

  • Steph Bonnet

    I have a feeling those comenters hate Brazil. Or is it me? Were we watching the same game?

  • Curious

    Cant see the videos/photos of top 10 world cup / best presenters.
    Using Windows 7. Anyone got answers?

    • Tim

      install java
      install flash player

  • Marcin Green

    Thanks for providing this, you’re awesome Sameer.

  • Nostradamus

    Ani or who ever you are…. learn the meaning of gratitude. The guys on this site are doing a fantastic job in bringing you the latest action… and you come here with your foul mouth… you need to clean your mouth and mind with soap… A Soap truck is on your way!! lol

  • Ganesh Yadav

    Suspended Silva and Injured Neymar could be advantage for the German side to make final

    • DudeNomz

      I think they did that on purpose.. They probably thought hurting neymar would make them win.. I feel bad for what happen to neymar.. Im a huge fan..

    • matthew

      That is true without there star player neymar and there star defender Germany has a better chance of making the finals with there star players Hummel’s gotze ozil lahm swenstiger and so on I predict it’ll be Argentina and Germany in the finals

  • Akhil

    @disqus_FPRdIBjhnp:disqus you are doing a great job my friend. The stream works well and also those alternate links work great!! Cheers !

  • sami

    Brazil will win the cup(Write it down,),I bet……………………..

  • DudeNomz

    – I love Neymar!! Im a huge fan! They hurt neymar I think on purpose.. See what karma did to colombia? They did not win.. # BrazilFanHere

    • grateful

      DudeNomz, I think so too after seeing the disgusting short video of how that Colombian pounced on him on his neck, knee-ed him on the back. oh mine! hi five! to ur karma comment . I thought so too. they prob thinking “If we aint winning, we also dont want you go finals w Neymar!” lose lose situation. 🙁

    • Domenic Muchangi

      am too feeling very bad for Nemymar but itrust God brazil will do better
      and bit Germany 2:0 let them go to Euro they have enough money.let them
      let Brazil before the finals where the football was perfected after
      England invented it.
      i always believe once Brazil is out final has been played.
      Brazil owooh! Brazil GO Go go!

    • Liberal_Hypocrisy

      Karma is a b-i-t-ch DUDE! lol!!!!

  • grateful

    simply great effort in bringing live action foc to Sg

  • secretdeepi-love

    i love james and neymar but i think james more…

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