Germany vs Portugal Highlights 2014 World Cup

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Monday, June 16th, 2014 | 5

Germans tore Portugal apart when they played their opening world cup game in group G, Thomas Muller started the world cup 2014 where he left off 4 years ago in South Africa, scoring twice and getting Pepe Sent off.

Germany vs Portugal Highlights 2014 world cup

The most anticipated game of the world cup so far too k place today when The best player in the world Ronaldo finaly made his appearence in 2014 world cup as his team took on Germany for the first group game. Germans started the match on fire winning a penalty kick inside 12 minutes which was converted by 2010 golden boot winner Thomas Muller.

Germany 4-0 Portugal Highlights
[ Group G – 2014 World Cup Match ]
02′ 1 – 0 (pen.) Thomas Mueller
32′ 2 – 0 Mats Hummels
45′ 3 – 0 Thomas Mueller
77′ 4 – 0 Thomas Mueller

Pepe was sent off for headbutting Thomas Muller in the first half

German doubled their lead half hour later when Borussia Dortmund defender Mats Hummel scored with a thumping header on a corner to make it 2-0. Portugal’s start to the world cup went bad to worse when Pepe showed stupidity to get himself sentoff for headbutting Thomas Muller.

Ronaldo was kept in check by Germany back four.

Game was done and dusted before the break when Thomas Muller added another to make the scoreline 3-0 and kill any slim chance of Portugal making a comeback. This was a disaster start to Portugal world cup campaign. THomas Muller completed his hattrick in the 2nd half with another good goal to heap more misery on Ronaldo and co who just did stop trying all day.

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  • Appreciative Fan

    Thank you!

  • ilang ilang

    thanks. Though it broke my heart.

  • Wilson

    Germany didn’t have to resort to unsporting theatrics to get penalties or to get someone sent off, and they would have still won. Otherwise, it would have been a classy win for them….. Pity

  • Madara Uchiha

    wir werden weltmeister!!!!!

  • Just A Bloke

    Germany were the dominate team long before the sending off, but whether they were winning 2-0, or losing 2-0, there is no place for play acting in football, go to drama school if that’s your thing. Pepe should’ve been more careful with his hand, but Muller should’ve stayed on his feet. Funny thing about Muller, a stray hand knocks him to his feet, but a mild headbutt makes him jump up onto his feet. But Muller was only doing what players from all over the world have been doing for years. The rules, & enforcement, need to tighten up on this sort of thing, cos it’s disgraceful.
    Right up until he headbutted Muller, Pepe had a point. But he can’t justify the headbutt, & he had to go.

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