Germany vs Argentina Highlights 2014 WC Final

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Sunday, July 13th, 2014 | 35

Germans ended the resistance of Argentina in the final of 2014 world cup when they scored late in the extra time through Mario Gotze left foot strike from a acute angel. Brillian goal, superb world cup CONGRATULATIONS GERMANY!

Match Highlights

Post Match Stuff:

After 30 days of high quality football, great games and surprising results we will have the final of 2014 world cup. According to Argentina fixtures between Argentina and Germany as both teams take on each other for the 3rd time in fifa world cup finals. The game will be played on 13 July 2014 at around 16:00 Local brazil time – 21:00 Europe time in Maracana Rio De Janeiro.
Germans had the stranglhold of the match in the early stages but it was Argentina who had better clear cut chances in the normal 90 minutes where Higuain was guilty of missing an absolute easy chance when Tone Kroos back header found Higuain in space and one on one with keeper, but he latched his shot wide. Messi had a poor game while Aguero did not look fit enough when he came on and Rodrigo Palacios played like headless chicken.

Argentina vs Germany Live Stream

Germany vs Argentina – THE FINAL
Date Time Channels Venue
Sunday, 13 July 2014 16:00 Local – 20:00 UK BBC UK, ESPN USA, Maracana, Rio


The Final Match Coverage Details:

The match will start after the closing ceremony where Shakira will be performing in a 20 minutes show to celebrate the success of 2014 world cup. BBC and ITV both will have their coverage in United kingdom and we will be placing live links for the BBC Coverage starting at around 18:30 Uk time which will also include the closing ceremony.

In United States ESPN will have the final match coverage which you can watch online and through your mobiles by using ESPN apps and online website.

BBC Final Match Pre and Post Match Build-Shows:

BBC has done a great job in the coverage of 2014 world cup with Gary Lineker hosting Match of the day every day in the world cup, their broadcast begin with closing ceremony and 1 hour build up to the big match on Sunday. The build show will include both team’s route to final and overall review of the world cup. While after the final match they will have post match which will last half hour.

How to Watch FIFA World CUp Final 2014 Live Online:

There are many official sites in different countries showing the world cup live, for example NOS in Netherlands, BBC and ITV in United Kingdom, ESPN in USA, SKy Italia in Italy, Sony Six in India and so on. While there are number of other sites showing the match live as well. At tsmplug we will cover the final as usualy by placing live stremaing links couple of hours before the start of the match. We will also have Alternative streams in different commentary languages. So bookmark this page and comeback here before the match to get live action.

Goals Videos and Extended Match Highlights:

If there are any goals in the game we will place the goals video immedialty after the match right here on this page while longer version of highlghits should be available couple of hours after the final.

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  • Ganesh Yadav

    Argentina should get revenge of 2010 world cup. Messi will be played without Di Maria but he can score with Higuain or Lavezzi

    • sam

      you r right broooooooooooo….

  • Ztwb16

    Germany is the best I strongly support GERMANY!!!!!!!

  • Ahmad Shakir

    I hope Argentina will win the final match.

  • Shiraz mastercolourz

    Argentina skipper messi will destroy Germany world cup dream.

    • bernie

      do u really believe arg going to beat ger ha ha haaaaaa

  • Jules1010

    But how do we actulley watch it

    • dumba

      bro.. actually

      • julius


  • sabahat rafiq

    germany should win this cup

  • Rohan Satish

    Germany FTW

  • Shane Merrow

    Its Germany’s cup to lose, there’s no way they lose to Argentina. There so heavily favored, that if you bet on Argentina to win, you’d lose money, LMAO

  • unknown

    How to watch

  • maryam khan lodhi

    go argentina go !!!!!!!!!

  • jason R R Thope

    Germany is going to win this cup its the best team in 2014

  • trini

    Germany has been the only team to actually show team work during the world cup, its the team that can win the cup. Everyone is calling on Messi but does the team consist of 11 Messi players., in a few hrs we shall all see real foot ball

  • Kaushik

    All are brothers and sisters….We all are living in this universe …all of us a part of global family, Pray for all happiness . peace and prosperity….Jai Bahrat…..

    • Hiipower

      Or maybe stop praying and actually act humanistic, rationally and peacefully. Religion is the core problem in this conflict. Look at Germany, they have overcome religion and have a peaceful, rich and open society.

  • Nemaan Shaikh


  • Nemaan Shaikh


  • Ankush Arora

    How do you change the language, i want it in english.

    • sajid Mir

      Under screen see”alternative stream (link 1″ is english.

  • John

    No English commentary??

  • gool….

    can anyone provide the better link

  • punjabi

    germany will win…..

  • punjabi

    germany tottaly deserving

  • -•~¹°”ˆ˜¨Ꮰ.Ꮶ. ᏒᏋᏰᎧᏒᏁ¨˜ˆ”°¹~•-

    germany should win this.

  • Rahul

    this match will surely go to penalties 😛

  • shaswat49

    not wrking

  • goozoo1

    its hanging so much fix it man….extremely irritating

  • Adil

    Messi who?

  • imran khan

    this was awesome match. both team played well Argentina game was impressive specially two chances in D but it is the game one team should lose so do’t worry just take it as game.i was with Germany i like this team from previous 8 years.previous world cup this team performance was great but did not qualify for final.i had no disappointment because this is just game.Now,in this 2014 world cup Germany won the world cup i am very happy but this does not i am pinching Argentinian. i like Argentinian player i like Lionel Messi and other player. i love this game specially today match

  • Rambo

    This year’s World Cup was shyte IMO. The final game was awful, Germany did not play their best, they were simply strolling around. Argentina was in good form but it was not their day.

  • Zizek

    I though North Korea was the world cup champion? lol

  • leo

    how are they the biggest terrorists? their surrounding nations have been kill isrealis too, just cause Isreal is winning, they are the terrorists?

    sore bunch of losers.

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