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Brazil were humiliated in the semifinals of 2014 world cup against Germany as they lost the tie by 7-1 which is there biggest defeat in world cup since forever. Brazil coach Scolari came out after the game and took all the blame for the defeat but in the press conference he was in bullish mode and refused to resigned from his job.

Brazil 0-3 Holland Highlights
[ Third Place Playoff Match ]
03′ 0 – 1 (pen.) Robin van Persie
17′ 0 – 2 Daley Blind
90′ 0 – 3 Georginio Wijnaldum

Extended Match Highlights:

Post Match:

Brazil world cup 2014 live stream highlightsHolland 2014 world cup live stream highlights

Brazil vs Germany – 3RD PLACE PLAYOFF
Date Time Channels Venue
Saturday, 12 July 2014 17:00 Local – 21:00 UK ITV UK, Brazilia


Short Match Preview and Team News:

We can surely expect quite a few changes in starting lineup from both sides, 3rd place match is used by the participating teams to give players who did not get much of world cup action in the games before. Brazil do has a point to prove while Holland will field a highly changed lineup which took the field against Argentina.

Brazil Team News: I expect scolari to give players a chance who did not get enough action in the world cup so far, with the likes of Jo, Bernard, Maxwell and Ramires getting the starts. It will be interesting to see how Brazil approach this game as they were booed after their 7-1 defeat against Germany.

Holland Team News: Van Gaal is sure to ring quite a few changes, not because his team played badly but just for the sake of getting young players some game time at world stage. We can totally expect Huntelaar, Jermain Lens, Paul Verhaegh, Leroy Fer and probably Tim Krul to start for Holland.

Possible Starting Lineups of Brazil-Holland:

This is how I expect both teams to lineup in the 3rd place match on 12 July, expect a few changes as there is nothing to play for apart from pride.

Match Predictions:

Brazil will find it incredibly hard to get on to the field again after their massive defeat in semifinals. But Scolari will make sure players have something to prove and go out there and put a performance which will put some sanity in Brazil. While Holland are sure to use under strength team which means Brazil will be slight favourites.

I am going with a high scoring game with Brazil winning this one 3-2 and ending their world cup with a much needed win. Let me know what you think of this game ?

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  • javaid

    i think Brazil is still in pressure and again it will defeat by Holland

  • Dietrich

    Brazil is up for another round of defeat. Even if Neymar shows up at the stadium to cheer for his squad, it wouldn’t matter, they will most likely fail again. It’s quite hard to prove that the Brazilian squad is great if there is really nothing to prove in the first place. The Brazilian team is an overrated squad that relies on luck. They luck ran out however when they met Germany in the semis. And now, but they cannot outmatch The Netherlands. The Argentina squad had a hard time getting a goal yesterday and only won through penalty kicks. It would be an easy 3-0 for The Netherlands, the 2010 World Cup Runner-up in South Africa. Brazil will only add insult to injury if they loose AGAIN.

    • cheena

      i disagree with u, u know nothing about Argentina, Argentina manage to hold off against Netherlands without Aguero and Di Maria, otherwise Argentina would have won without relying on penalty, plus only if Brazil had T. Silva and Neymar, then the match with germany wouldnt a one-sided one.

      • Dietrich

        Silva played in this game. It didn’t make a difference. There is no teamwork in this team, so unlike the Brazil we used to watch in awe. A lot of individual performances but not working as a team. I was right when I said that it is going to be an easy win for the Netherlands. Argentina is a good team, I couldn’t complain them being in the finals.

    • Sambi

      You, sir, should work as a professional psychic.

      • Dietrich

        I may have psychic abilities that I didn’t know existed. Statistically speaking though, it was more math than psychic abilities. You should have heeded my predictions and bet. You could have won. I did. 🙂

  • bella24

    I think that Brasil does not have to win to prove anything. Football in Brasil is lively, it has a soul. Winning is a matter of life or death. People who have never been to Brasil will never understand it. People that have been there will understand it a bit. Just Brasilians might understand what a defeat might mean for an avarage person occuping the land of football. Germany won, ok. As much as I respect them, I feel like they cannot even show happiness or any emotions. For them it is just a discipline of sport like any other. I am from Poland and I have been interested in Brasilian football reading lots of stuff and all I can say “it is incredible how much football means for them”. I love this team, for me footbal just exists in Brasil. In other countries exists a discipline of football. I just hope they get through it and show everyone where is the place of a round ball….

    • Teresa

      I am from Brasil. Thank you for your comments and to explain that. You have a soccer soul. 🙂

      • Bunty Purakayastha

        We indians r crazy fans of brazil too .. can u plz tell me da score

        • onbekend2010

          what about curry?

    • Brazil sucks

      Richt, they don’t have to win to be champions, champions of mediocrity..hahaha

  • Adi

    4-1 Brazil

  • Sed Royal

    Brazil may end up winning this match either by poor Holland performance or lets not forget Brazil may give their best performance here.

    • Brazil4evr

      Brazil can able to do it without Neymar (although I do hope that he comes to see he match atleast)
      Holland is great as a team but im supporting Brazil
      ~BRAzil 4ever

  • Sed Royal

    where is the stream

  • Bunty Purakayastha

    When is da 3rd place play off …. plz reply anyone … I knew it was at 1:30 a.m. which is now n ongoing … but can’t see da match in any channel whatsoever

  • Bunty Purakayastha

    Anyone online 🙂

  • clivant

    is there live streaming here?

  • micheal

    Is live streaming later ? can’t miss this ….

  • fact

    so many Brazilian fan here cant seem to understand that they suck this year and the score for the current game speak for itself (2-0). And don’t tell me about how much football means to them, I know the citizen cares more about hospital, school and stuff. Most dont give a damn about world cup at this moment

    • Dietrich

      I predicted a 3-0 victory for the Netherlands (scroll up). You are right, this Brazilian team is so unlike the previous teams they had, this one was built on hype that they are the best coming into this World Cup. Brazil used to be on top, but not anymore. I guess it takes time for the reality to sink in to a lot of fans, but now that Brazil lost to Netherlands, the second time in a row, this clearly points out that the team is weak and no amount of “if Silva played” or “if Neymar played” can deliver them from their downfall. A newspaper even called them arrogant. They worship Neymar like a God, a deliverer. They should have invested more in working as a team, they have good players but they were all over the pitch.

      Now they have to go back to the drawing board and start all over again, which to me is better. I am looking forward to see Brazil rise to the challenge and emerge as a football powerhouse, again. That will take time but, looking forward to change. This country deserves better than what they got this year.

  • zaib

    Brazill losses again yessssssssssss

  • Brazil sucks

    Those english commentators in the first highlight are stupid

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