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by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Tuesday, July 29th, 2014 | 47

The new valuation of Forbest most valuable football teams has been released and there is Spanish duo taking the first two placed, Real Madrid stays in the first place while Barcelona takes over Manchester United in the second player. There are 5 english clubs in the top 10 richest teams in the world cup while Galatasaray makes the top 20 first time in history. Take a look at the top 20 richest clubs in the world

Forbes Top 20 Richest Football Clubs – updated June 2014


Position Club Value  Revenue  Last year
1 Real Madrid value in DollarsREAL MADRID  $3.40 Billions  $675m 1st
2 Barcelona club value FC BARCELONA $3.20 Billions $627m 3rd
3 Manchester United Value 2013MANCHESTER UNITED  $2.81 Billions $551m 2nd
4 Bayern Munich club value  BAYERN MUNICH $1.85 Billions  $561 5th
5 Arsenal football club value ARSENAL $1.33 Billions  $371m 4th
6 Chelsea club value 2014 CHELSEA FC $868 millions $397m 7th
7  How much Manchester City valueManchester City $863 millions $411m 9th
8 AC Milan Club value 2014 AC MILAN $856 millions $343m 6th
9 Juventus club value JUVENUTS $850 millions $354m 8th
10 liverpool value LIVERPOOL $691 millions $313m 10th
11 Borussia DortmundBORUSSIA DORTMUND $600 Million $333m  
12 FC SchalkeFC SCHALKE $581 Million $285m  
13 Tottenham Live Stream 2013-2014TOTTENHAM $514 Million $224m  
14 Inter MilanINTER MILAN $484 Million $219m  
15 PSG team Squad 2013-2014PSG $415 Million $518m  
16 GalatasarayGalatasaray $345 Million $204m  
17 atletico madridAtletico Madrid $328 Million $156m  
18 HamburgurHamburg $326 Million $176m  
19 New Official Logo Roma 2013AS Roma $307 Million $162m  


Deloitte Football Rich List – Highest Revenues in 2013
1 Real Madrid  €518.9m €119m €183.3m €211.6m
2 FC Barcelona  €482.6m €117.6m €188.2m €176.8m
3 Bayern Munich €431.2m €87.1m €107m €237.1m
4 Manchester United €423.8m €127.3m €118.6m €177.9m
5 Paris Saint Germain €398.8m €53.2m €90.9m €254.7m
7 Chelsea €303.4m €82.5m €123m €97.9m
8 Arsenal €284.3m €108.3m €103.2m €72.8m
9 Juventus €272.5m €38m €166m €68.4m
11 Borussia Dortmund €256m €59.6m €87.6m €109m
12 Liverpool €204m €52.1m €74.5m €114m
13 FC Schalke €196m €42.5m €62.9m €92.8m
14 Tottenham Hotspurs €172m €46.9m €72.7m €52.4m
15 Inter Milan €168m €19.4m €81.5m €67.9m
16 Galatasaray €157m €35.4m €51.9m €69.7m
17 FC Hamburger €135m €43.2m €24.7m €67.7m
18 Fenerbahce €126m €27.7m €43m €55.7m
19 AS Roma €124m €20.1m €66m €38.3m
20 Atletico Madrid €120m €27.5m €52.5m €40m

Bayern Munich has overtaken Manchester United in the French Magazine Deloitte Football Money League rankings. The rankings are released today on 23 January 2014. which sees Real Madrid top the money chart, while Barcelona 2nd and Bayern Munich 3rd. United fall 4th for the first time since 1998. Man City and PSG started to show up in the top 5 and take a look at the rest.


Top 10 richest footbal clubs in the world

Forbes released list of Top 20 most valuable clubs in the world, according to them Real Madrid are no.1 and the richest club not only in Europe but in the world over the last 1 year. But who are the other big clubs joining them in the top 20 ? If we look at the past rankings we will see that Manchester United have dominated the richlist for quite a while it is the first time that Real Madrid have eclipsed them from the first spot.

Manchester United dominated the richlist for 9 years in row and this is the first time that Spanish giants Real Madrid have reached no 1 position, while FC Barcelona have seen a steady increase in the last 5 years in 2007 Barcelona was ranked no 9 but due to their couple of wins in Champions League and Lionel Messi rise to stardom they have gained considerable ground on the top 2, while Arsenal have always been around 3rd or 4th since 2007 when the rankings were started.

In the bottom of the top 10 list we see couple of changes every years, and Liverpool who were 4th in the richlist back in 2008 now find themselves in 10th position and it is not likely to be change to better in coming years, while Manchester City who were 17th back in 2007 now finds themselves in 9th position and they will be even better next year and in couple of more years to come with kind of money they have.

While Bayern Munich, Milan and Chelsea have been changing places in and around 5,6 7 in the last few years, but since Bayern Munich had couple of great seasons and won the treble in 2013 they will push ARsenal to third in the next year rankings.

Football or you might like to call it soccer has evolved so much in the last decade, with the money coming from Middle east, Russia, America and the top clubs are getting richer every day due to globalization and their marketing efforts around the world, alone English Premier League is by far the most valueable football league around europe and in the World, teams like Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool who have been very successfull in the league over the last century and 21st Century have been joined by Chelsea and Manchester City who have mega rich owner while Barcelona and Real Madrid from a recession hit spain are among the top 5 clubs in the world.

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          That’s the reason you’re supporting them so far. Next season, you’ll be proudly wearing a Man City jersey. Glory cunter..

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      there is no other team

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    bayern are coming up step after very soon we willll see munich as number oe in europe

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      Well they just bought lewendowski so a bit of money gone there

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        On a free transfer

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  • Robert Hughes

    Do these figures take into account outstanding debt and depreciation in player values? Real Madrid for instance regularly spend hundreds of millions per season on players and pay them accordingly so with revenue of $600M I doubt they break even most seasons but, like Chelsea, are dependent on wealthy fan/owner contributions to keep them afloat. If Madrid or any of the others were really worth these quoted figures why are they so panicked if they fail to qualify for the Champions League one season?
    If they are worth 3 billion they should easily survive for several seasons. The truth is most of these clubs are living hand to mouth and can be tipped into insolvency in a matter of months.

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    p’se i wld like to ask ARSENAL CLUB to buy more experienced strikers,however they remain best ever club.

  • barry lomas

    Is the united value after the 250 million loss of last week ( January 12th) and does it take into account their outstanding debt situation

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    man utd are finished


    l will die been a Real Madrid fan. I LOVE MY CLUD

  • isaac francis

    i believe arsenal will top it soon

  • James

    Very surprised to see Newcastle in the top 20, although the fact that they haven’t bought any players permanently in the past year kinda makes that more believable =/ at least we have some kind of glimmer of hope that we may be able to land some decent players in the summer – we’ll see how things go in July, but for now I think the best we can do is ride out the rest of the season and regroup come next season.

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    Manchester united will regain to No. 1 as I am seing some improvement ahead….

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  • John Peddubriwny

    Interesting that Forbes value Man C at 9th, and yet they can’t even get into Deloittes top 20. Something wrong there?

    I think in valuing a club, the most important thing is the goodwill of the fans, and outside of Manchester, the only real interest in City is recent. How do you value a club at £540 mill, that has average losses averaging over £50 mill a year for the last six years and cannot make a profit based on it’s current business model, which is basically a rich man’s toy?

    The only real asset that Man C has is Sheikh Mansour’s chequebook. Should he have to withdraw that, City are in serious trouble. I would think that if relegation was based on how much profit a club made, City would be facing the drop.

    Looking at the money coming into football at the moment, I was struck by Mourinho’s comment about the effect of paying Luke Shaw £100k per week based on his record to date. For years, just about the worst investment (Arsenal aside) that you could make was to buy a PL team. For the first time in years because of the TV rights, it is virtually impossible (unless you are Man C) to lose money owning a PL team, and yet we are seeing comments like this from Mourinho, and he has hardly had to worry about what a team could (or could not afford).

    All in all it was an interesting post, but if I were looking for someone to value a football club, it would not be Forbes.

  • Observer

    John very insight observation on ManCity missing on the Deloitte list, however this is due to No.6 on that list seems to be missing! but clearly shown on the subsequent graph and on the video from Deloitte. No. 6, closely behind PSG (also own by a Sheikh) is ManCity… we hope to see both these clubs continue to rise on this list over the coming five years as their business plan takes shape.

  • Daniel Wilson

    Manchester united are know going on top,lets hope for the best..

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