Manchester United Players Salaries 2014-15

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Friday, August 1st, 2014 | 36
Manchester United Live StreamManchester United Finance 2013-14 Money
Ownership Owned by Malcolm Glazer’s six children via Red Football LLC
Turnover £363m (up from £320m in 2012)
Gate & Matchday income £109m
TV Rights Money £102m
Commercial activities £153m
Wage Bill 2013-14 £181m (up from 162 in 2012)


Manchester United Value 2013Manchester United Players Salary List 2014-2015

  • Louis Van Gaal Salary – £6 Million
David de Gea 23 £75k 2 years (2016)
Anders Lindegaard 30 £40k 2 years (2016)
Ben Amos 24 £10k 1 years (2015)
Phil Jones 22 £50k 2 years (2016)
Jonny Evans 26 £65k 2 years (2016)
Chris Smalling 24 £60k 2 years (2016)
Luke Shaw (new) 19 £50k 4 years (2018)
Marcus Rojo (new) 24 £70k 5 years (2019)
Rafael 24 £60k 2 years (2016)
Daley Blind (new) 24 £75k 4 years (2018)
Marouane Fellaini 26 £80k 4 years (2018)
Tom Cleverley 24 £70k 1 years (2015)
Michael Carrick 33 £80k 1 years (2015)
Anderson 26 £60k 1 years (2015)
Darren Fletcher 30 £70k 1 years (2015)
Juan Mata 26 £130k 4 years (2018)
Ander Herrera (new) 24 £80k 4 years (2018)
Angel Di Maria (new) 26 £150k 4 years (2018)
Nick Powell 20 £10k 2 years (2016)
Ashley Young 29 £118k 2 years (2016)
Adnan Januzaj 19 £40K – £50K 4 years (2018)
Antonio Valencia 28 £70k 3 years (2017)
Wayne Rooney 28 £300k 5 years (2019)
Robin van Persie 30 £250k 2 years (2016)
Rademal Falcao (new) 28 £280k 1 years (2015)
Ángelo Henríquez 20 £10k 2 years (2016)


[ These are official salaries we gathered from some trusted sources, so you can trust us on the figures as they are pretty accurate while we will be publishing series of Premier League teams Salaries on this site. ]

Manchester United are the current Premier League Champions League, and they are the most successfull team in English football with 20 league titles to their name, so what it takes to for them to be on top of their game, surely its the players they have in the squad so lets take a look at how they are paying their best players in weekly and yearly salaries.

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  • huzi

    rooney is mad he gets paid the most in utd but wants more

  • Didar

    do they pay taxes an alms to the poor !

    • Darren

      About 50% deducted before net pay… So poor Rooney only takes home £90k a week!

      • Paul S Madley

        Erm, that’s not how UK tax works.

        • Alex Colechin

          45% on annual earnings above £150,000 in 2013/14. So call it £80k a week, still not bad!

          • Ambuj Arind

            It’s actually about 125 K a week after tax, 45 % deduction. He’s worth a lot more to Man United in economic terms to be fair. He is paid fairly in that sense.

  • Ambuj Arind

    Ashley young can’t possibly be on 120K.. ??

  • Ambuj Arind

    Overpaid: Valencia, Young, Rio, Anderson, Welbeck and Nani..

    • Admin

      young’s a total rip off for United….does not worth half the salary

  • kckc

    Adnan Januzaj earns £1k/week, doesn’t he?

    • Admin

      Yeah exactly, thanks for the update

  • vishnu (@United_Journal)

    amos, powell and adnan need to negotiate for a wage increase! Carrick should do so as well. he could easily double his wages if he went someone else.. got to keep him

  • vishnu (@United_Journal)

    rafael should get an improved contract, and i do wonder what Fellaini, Fabio, Varela, and the Keane brothers are on.

  • Jan

    Young and welbeck only on those wages because there English both terrible players would struggle to play for mid table teams.

  • Alesinloye Olaniyi

    Ashley Young is on £110,000

  • korir charles

    Let me appreciate the good salaries this guys are being paid i suggest that this players can donate some of this money in the less disadvantaged countries

  • kats paulinho

    get serious that is money for champions like united.

  • Tomas joyce

    Young is a disgrace I wouldn’t give him 1k/wk he’s useless

  • Prince

    Young and welbeck, should improve and justify the amount of money they are been paid.

  • Paul Leonard

    don’t know what ye are all giving out about thaw all deserve to have their wages doubled especially young as for moyes put him on20m a year oh and Rio should be given a new 5 wear contract and be lined up to take over from moyes in 7years when he finishes playing

  • 631anhour me

    This is disgusting . Over paid the lot of them .
    Put them in the real world and bring them down a peg or ten .i work as many as 50 hours a week to take home £250 . All these wages need capping for all prem teams , for stupid wages like these make stupid taxes 75% plus and if they play in great brittain they pay in great brittain . Yes there careers are short ones but invest what they do earn and make a living after football . These wages stop most of us going watching the teams we have grown to love .

    • Wayne King

      The top flight of any career is going to be paid more. Top pilots get paid more than lower ranking pilots. Top chefs make more than lower ranking chefs. Top artists get paid more than lower ranking artists. Gordon Ramsey makes more money than that bloke that does the chips at your local. Why? Because he’s worked hard for it over his whole career. I doubt the left back for Accrington Stanley gets 300k/week. Of course top footballers in the premiership get paid well they are playing at the highest level.

  • RS

    Ashley Young – 27 – £118k – 3 years

    Christ 🙁

  • Pushkaraj

    Hey cleverlys salary is 70K not 40K man
    Trust me

    • Homerjay

      No Cleverley is on 35k/40k. 70k is what United were apparently offering him at the end of last season. That contract was never signed.

  • gecko

    how often do u update this

  • Homerjay

    Tom Cleverley salary apparently on 35k pw, the 70k was what his reported new contract would have been. Also, Shaws salary seems to be massively under estimated. Got any references for these two?

  • him

    there was a huge controversy btw Louis Van Gaal and Jose Mourinho regarding Luke shaw salary which was reported £120k per week and dat a 19 yr old having high salary kills the dressing room stability and all the hype done by the what was all that..when here it says £50k per week
    this site sources are not reliable

  • Smoowillis

    Rooney’s is still 250 but has been given access to his commercial rights

  • GB

    These are almost all low estimates of their crazy salaries. Luke Shaw’s is especially off the mark.

  • Homerjay

    Are you sure you are not looking at the players net earnings as opposed to gross? That would explain why the figures are approx. 50% higher – tax, NI, etc. I find it hard that every instance of a players salary been quoted online would be so far off.

  • Fuck MU

    didnt know a fucking diver earns so much shit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • alex

    Falcao should be scoring more goals for the money he is on!

  • Michael

    Rooney is actually on 240k a week. Took a small basic pay cut, but has now got total control over his image rights which actually makes him more than 300k a week, but doesn’t cost the club more.

    • omms

      According to some sources Rooney’s contract includes a clause which means he will always be the highest paid player at Man Utd for the duration of the contract. Almost no player is bigger than the club…

      • Michael

        He did, but the clause went out of his contract when he got control of his image rights. He is technically the highest paid player at the club ( he will earn roughly 340k a week with control of image rights). Just that the club will only ever foot 240k.

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