Arsenal Player Salaries 2014-15 (Wage Bill)

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Arsenal wage billArsenal Finance 2013-14 Money
Ownership Stan Kroenke 63%, Alisher Usmanov and Farhad Moshiri 27%
Turnover £283m (up from £245m in 2012)
Gate & Matchday income £93m
TV Rights Money £86m
Commercial activities £44m
Wage Bill 2013-14 £154m (up from £143 in 2012)


Arsenal are one of the most followed and 4th Richest Football club in the world, just behind the likes of Manchester United and two Spanish power houses Real Madrid and Barcelona, and thats according to Forbes most valueable football clubs in the world, they have a strict wage policy in place, where players are divided into different categories and they are paid the same amount of money as other players in that category, well thats what it seems if we look at the official wage structure of Arsenal.

Arsenal Players Salary List 2014-2015

  • Arsenal Wenger Annual Salary – £7.5 Millions
Wojciech Szczesny 24 £65,000 4 Years (2018)
David Ospina 25 £40,000 5 Years (2019)
Per Mertesacker 29 £70,000 3 Years (2017)
Thomas Vermaelen 28 £70,000 1 Year (2015)
Laurent Koscielny 28 £60,000 3 Years (2017)
Nacho Monreal 28 £50,000 3 Years (2017)
Kieran Gibbs 24 £60,000 4 Years (2018)
Mathieu Debuchy 29 £70,000 5 Years (2019)
Calum Chambers 19 £10,000
Mathieu Flamini 30 £65,000 1 Year (2015)
Francis Coquelin 23 £20,000 1 Year (2015)
Jack Wilshere 22 £90,000 4 Years (2018)
Aaron Ramsey 23 £80,000 4 Years (2018)
Mikel Arteta 32 £80,000 1 Year (2015)
Abou Diaby 28 £65,000 1 Year (2015)
Mesut Özil 25 £140,000 4 Years (2018)
Tomás Rosicky 33 £85,000 2 Years (2016)
Santi Cazorla 29 £90,000 2 Years (2016)
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain 20 £65,000 4 Years (2018)
Serge Gnabry 19 £10,000 4 Years (2018)
Lukas Podolski 29 £75,000 2 Years (2016)
Ryo Miyaichi 21 £10,000 1 Year (2015)
Alexis Sánchez 25 £140,000 4 Years (2018)
Theo Walcott 25 £100,000 2 Years (2016)
Joel Campbell 22 £40,000 2 Years (2016)
Olivier Giroud 27 £100,000 2 Years (2016)
Yaya Sanogo 21 £20,000 3 Years (2017)


Arsenal Team Squad, Salaries 2013-2014

Nicklas Bendtner, is still an Arsenal player, as he was loaned out to couple of teams around Europe but this season he is back at Arsenal and although he is looking for a new Club, he has a contract with Arsenal till the end of next season and probably before the start of this season Arsene Wenger will be looking to sort out his future.

Arsenal wage billArsenal Finance 2012-13 Money
Ownership Arsenal Holdings PLC (Kroenke 62% – Usmanov & Moshiri 29%
Turnover £245m (down from £258m in 2011)
Gate & Matchday income £95m
TV Rights Money £85m
Commercial activities £34m
Retail £18m
Property Development: £8m
Player Trading £3m
Wage Bill 2012-13 £143m (up from £124m)


Arsenal are trying to persuad, Luis Suarez to sign for them and they are looking to break the bank for transfer and also for his personal wages, But will they get him ? its remain to be seen while they already missed out on Higuan who joined Napoli for more than 30 Million, which Arsene Wenger did not wanted to pay

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  • brima b.sannoh

    I am seriousely surprised at the disparity in players salary as those according to my rating that are the best and frequently used make very small amount at Arsenal.I think this is unfair and more clarity should be given as to how these figure are arrived at.I can’t immagine a player who haven started a single game been paid morethan someone that has proven himself.This is why,when these players are contacted to,it becomes very easy.

  • kwame

    Its all in there contract my friend its pen to paper, its unfair yes but what can you do when you already signed for the club… They’re all making way too much money.. We should be getting paid too for keeping up with our clubs everyday…


    too much for ozil reduce his

    • Dillan Martin

      shut up

  • duncan omondi odhiambo

    kosielny,bakary,sessny,ramsy,peter,jack,oxy this guys should be paid well live alone berdtner and diaby who waste our resurces

  • peter chabala mwansa

    i dont know how u arrive at such amount of wages 4 each playeri i will be happy 2 know which criteria u use is it by perfomance or how mach the player was bought?

  • peter chabala mwansa

    peter chabala mwansa is a die hard supporter of arsenal live in zambia kabwe city and looking forward 2 watch arsenal live at emirates one day

  • mehar

    Most salaries

  • ibrahim

    ramsey and poldi are +100

    • Grant Newsham

      No they are not. Some of the ones on here are in error – they are lower than posted. I have a relative who oversees the payments of some players contracts – Giroud is on less than 80K a week and Ozil is under 100K. Walcott is at 80K.

  • kroenke

    shit team

  • mandela kokoto

    i think the likes of Wilshere,chambo,Ozil,Alexis,Rambo,Coquelein,Carzola,Theo needs to be paid enormous amount of cash since their contribution to the play in the gunners squad is highly needed

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