Top 10 Highest Earning Premier League Players 2014

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Premier League Best Paid Footballers – 2014
Player Weekly Salary Contract Untill
Richest Premier League playersWayne Rooney (extension) £300,000 2019
Yaya Toure Net WorthYaya Toure £240,000 2017
Aguero Net WorthSergio Aguero £225,000 2017
Robin Van Persie SalaryRobin Van Perise £225,000 2016
Luis Suarez Salary 2013Luis Suarez £220,000 2018 (extension)
Highest paid premier league playersEden Hazard £185,000 2017
Mesut Ozil Salary 2014Mesut Ozil £180,000 2018
Fernando Torres SalaryFernando Torres £175,000 2016
John Terry Salary 2014John Terry £175,000 2014
David SilvaDavid Silva £160,000 2017
Samir NasriSamir Nasri £140,000 2015


Which are the richest premier league player

Top 10 Richest Premier League Players

Okay now we move onto the Top 10 list of Richest Premier League players and there is no surprise as most of the players in the top 10 are british with only Petre Cech, Fernando Torres making inthe top 10. Wayne Rooney leading the Premier League richlist with £51M to his name while Rio Ferdidnend is secont rest of the list here.

  1. Richest Premier League playersWayne Rooney£51m
  2. Rio Ferdinand £42m
  3. Michael Owen£38m
  4. Ryan Giggs£34m
  5. Frank Lampard £34m
  6. Steven Gerrard £33m
  7. Fernando Torres £26m
  8. John Terry£24m
  9. Joe Cole £21m
  10. Petr Cech£20m

We have already wrote about the highest paid football players in the world and most of them comes from the all around the world with Ronaldo and Messi being the no. 1 and 2 in the world in terms of their yearly wages. While some players like Neymar, Eto’o and Ibrahimovic who are playing in the lesser known leagues also made the top 10 and three players of EPL Rooney, Torres and Aguero made the top 10 list of the world’s highest paid football players.

But who are the top 10 highest plaid players in English Premier League ? well there are quite a lot of players who are now being paid huge sums of money and some of the players also negotiated new contracts with the lubs putting them in the elite list of highest paid players.

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  • http://h joseph Awugo

    I want to know if it include there asset or only what the earn in there club

  • Martins

    I want to know the highest paid goalkeeper

  • katoo

    all those money what for4

  • Neil Smith


  • Francis oketch (@oketchf)

    Interesting to know how much they have. where will they spend their wealth and how such huge ammounts.

  • adrian

    hi I have a few questions about contracts in general. if aguero signed a new deal in the summer when will he get a new contract. and could a player such as aguero or rooney demand the same money as Ronaldo or messi? and when a player moves to a new club like zlathan to PSG could he ask for more money?. thanks guys

  • steven datta

    I want to know if those footballer are real millionaire, as we can hear the millions name in all their salaries.

  • chukwurah

    Players can some times b greed,can u imagin wayne Rooney the england richest player,and top 10 richest in the world,and he wants more 4 united.chai footballer dey chop well joo………..

  • Dia W. Wallace

    Will Barcelona be victor of the day or Manchester City?

  • hazzan

    player move to another club for two reason i e either becoz of tropy or sallary.but some player think leaving small team 4 big team make them recieve big wages

  • Destry

    I don’t know very much about football, but surely there is a mistake in the column heading above for salaries? It must mean ‘yearly’ not ‘weekly’. (Surely nobody ‘earns’ £300k per WEEK – that would be madness, lol).

    Nevertheless I’m shocked at the difference in salaries between the top earners, although I do take some comfort in the fact that the difference between my pension (£4,000 per year) and that of Samir Nasri’s salary (£140,000 per year) is less than the difference between his and Wayne Rooney’s princely sum. (But I accept that Wayne Rooney must be a very, very good player!).

    But I do feel a bit sorry for the likes of Samir, John Terry, David Silva and others in that bracket. Their wages seem a bit derisory when compared to the £200k+ brigade. It must be quite humbling to realise you are held in such poor regard. They really should get a bit of a pay rise – it’s only fair!

    • Sameer Arshad

      These are “weekly wages” players earns millions of pounds every year from their pro contracts with the teams plus their endorsement deals with brands like adidas/nike etc.

      Footballers are hugely overpaid and again I can confirm these are weekly wages. Rooney will get close to 100 Million GBP if he sees out his new contract with Manchester United which is a 5 years.

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