Rohit Sharma takes dig at ICC for not having him in ‘best puller’ list

by Ajit Singh Khanna | Posted on Monday, March 23rd, 2020 | 0
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Talk about pull shot, and among the first names – if not the first – that would come to your mind would be Rohit Sharma.

For, the flamboyant Indian opening batsman is well known for clearing the boundary ropes with his effortless pulls over mid-wicket.

Naturally, you would expect his name to be in the list when the International Cricket Council (ICC) took to Twitter to share a collage of four batsmen playing the pull shot, along with the caption: “Which batsman, past or present, has the best pull shot, in your opinion?”

Wasn’t to be though. No wonder, the man himself wasn’t pleased to see his name amiss.

“Someone’s missing here ?? Not easy to work from home I guess,” he shot back.

The ICC was quick to take a note of it, posting a GIF of Rohit unleashing a pull off Pakistan fast bowler Hassan Ali during the last year’s World Cup.

“Fair play, Rohit,” was the simple caption they wrote.

Rohit 1 – 0 ICC

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