Amir Khan vs Manny Pacquiao Being Discussed

by Rory Kernaghan | Posted on Saturday, January 24th, 2015 | 0

amir khan vs manny pacquiao

With the recent talk of Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather seemingly fizzling out, it looks like the Filipino legend is moving on to a different fight. Indeed, we may be looking at a potential Manny Pacquiao vs Amir Khan showdown in the near future. Both Freddie Roach trained fighters, and both very quick, this could be a great fight.

In fact, Amir Khan vs Manny Pacquiao is being used as a ‘just in case’ according to the multiple-weight champ’s management:

 “Just in case Floyd doesn’t come through we regard Amir as the best possible alternative.

“He and Manny would make for a very exciting fight and Manny would be more than happy to do it at Wembley Stadium. We are looking at that possibility and also Abu Dhabi.”

The champ remains positive about his fight against “Money” though:

“I think now that Floyd and me is going to happen. It looks like it.”

Amir Khan comments on fighting training partner and friend Manny Pacquiao:

“Even though we have that friendship, if it makes sense then it’s a fight that can certainly happen between us,” Khan said. “I want to fight the biggest and best names out there and Manny is definitely among them.”

So even if the fight with Mayweather never materialises, at least we won’t have to see “Pac Man” fight any more bums. What do you think, Manny Pacquiao vs Amir Khan?

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