Who Will Win FIFA’s Ballon d’Or award 2014

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Thursday, November 21st, 2013 | 64


From the looks of things, Ronaldo, Messi and Ribery will be fighting for the biggest individual prize in the football world, Messi has won it 4 times back to back and this year he is up there again but I can see Bayern Munich and French international Frank Ribery winning the award this time around as he has been inspirational throughout 2012-13 and current season with Bayern Munich. Watch Free Live Stream of Fifa Ballon d’Or 2014 Awards Show

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Update – Cristiano Ronaldo put together some of the best performances in last couple of months and it has kind of changed the scenario for the FIFA World Play of the year award, before the start of the season Ribery was favourite to land the big prize but now It will be Ronaldo who finaly gets his hand on the biggest individual prize for the 2nd time in his career.

Ronaldo single handedly guided Portugal to World Cup 2014 and that will have a major impact on voting and decision plus that “Commandar” row where Sepp Blatter and Ronaldo were invloved will also have its say. so basicaly its between Ronaldo and Ribery.

23 Man Short List for FIFA’s Ballon d’Or award

  1. Lionel Messi
  2. Franck Ribery
  3. Cristiano Ronaldo
  4. Gareth Bale
  5. Zlatan Ibrahimovic
  6. Robert Lewandowski
  7. Philipp Lahm
  8. Xavi
  9. Neymar
  10. Thomas Muller
  11. Manuel Neuer
  12. Bastian Schweinsteiger
  13. Mesut Ozil
  14. Robin van Persie
  15. Arjen Robben
  16. Edinson Cavani
  17. Luis Suarez
  18. Andres Iniesta
  19. Thiago Silva
  20. Radamel Falcao
  21. Andrea Pirl
  22. Eden Hazard
  23. Yaya Toure

FIFA has announced the list a 23 players who will be competing for the FIFA World Player of the year also known as Ballon d’Or award in January 2014. All the usuaul suspects are in the list and the winner will be announced in the FIFA meeting in Zurich January 13,2013.

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  • salaam

    I think the report is correct,Ribery was great.But for all rounds skills, ability it is Cristiano Ronaldo.It is shame some coaches do not see this.The voting system is flawed.I think messi is great but he is way behind.It was surprise he won so many times.All out ability Ronaldo, dead ball, dribbling, heading and movement is much more potent.

    • Abhishek

      Messi scored more goals in free kicks last year.
      Messi scored more goals with right foot than Ronaldo did with with his left foot last year.
      Messi is the world’s best dribbler. Ronaldo depends on his speed. It takes 2-3 defenders to stop Messi whereas 1 quick defender is enough for Ronaldo.
      Messi assisted more than Ronaldo and scored more.
      Argentina is no. 1 in qualifications. Portugal is in danger of even qualifying.
      Messi scores more individual goals.
      Ronaldo was at one time a scorer of awesome goals but havent seen one recently that includes great dribbling moves and all.
      Ronaldo is better than Messi only in headers.

      • amal jo

        Ronaldo scored more goals from free kick this year ( he even broke ronaldinho’s record of most number of free kick goals)
        Your second fact is the joke of the century….out of Messi’s 60 goals last season only 5 were with right foot.
        Messi is the best dribbler. But Ballon d’or is not given for the best dribbler.
        This season ronaldo 24 goals 6 assists, messi 14 goals and 4 assists and only 2 appearances less than CR.
        . It is stupid to compare angentina and portugal. Argentina has aguero, di maria, higuain, tevez, lavezzi,rodriguez and macherano to support messi, but ronaldo plays with nani, moutinho and meireles. How is it possible for Ronaldo to lift his team alone.
        Is it compulsary to score individual goals to be a better player?
        And it is clear that you are not watching real madrid these days. Just go and watch his goals against galatasaray. At the moment Ronaldo is the best and he dederves to win the Ballon d’or.

        • Xavier Phoenix

          but Ronaldo make Own Goal which its make his team Lose…. hahahahahaha

          • br

            Ronaldo scored because e defends does messi defends ? no!

      • lol

        haha are this a joke ? ronaldo have scored 27 goals with his left foot!
        messi didn’t even score 20 with his right foot!
        ronaldo did score as many free kick goals as messi did last season!
        and ronaldo did always score in the important goals last year he did score against 1 agianst dortmund, 6 against barca, 2 agianst man udt,
        messi didn’t perform agianst bayern, he only did only score 4 goals against madrid.

        • lol

          i am sorry for my bad english

      • farhat

        Ronaldo is a selfish player ballon d or is not for selfish players sorry ronaldo fans

      • ifeany

        hahah, this must be a joke, ronaldo use left and right very fine and messi is only one lage,which is left, for him to use right is by accident, so for me it’s not important to count the goals they score with left or right, but the point is how many goals did they score? for each person,

    • 7 CR is the best, look at world cup qualifier he did it for Portugal.

      • Martin

        When will be Portugal the first on qualification than Argentina, Ronaldo will be not scored this goals against Sweden…. Suck

  • Sekou dulleh

    I believe that messi is the only one who is to carry this ballon d’ for this season.

  • harshit singh

    Ronaldo should carry baloon d, or this year becoz ronaldo score more goal than messi this callender year


      Ronaldo is the world must talented player of the century and I wish he will be the ballon d’o winner of this year becouse of the brilliantness he is showing and also he will get marriage as soon as possible.

  • david sosa


  • deeonedxx

    even tho messi was injured, he had a season that every player wish for…. enough said.


      No you are lying becouse is deform at all this season

  • ronaldo

    messi is. mother fucker aand all his supporters and fans are also. mother fuckers
    Ronaldo is the best footballer in the world and top scorer in both la liga and uefa.

  • ronaldo

    abishek you just suck my dick

  • Mohammed Buhari

    People say “messi” all the time but I never for once doubted that Ronaldo is worth balon d’or more than messi because messi is secured with top class players that harnessed there hope for balon d’or on him whereas Ronaldo is left alone to fight for what he truely deserves….Ronaldo is fighting the 22 man team of Barcelona to win the trophy and not messi….Ronaldo had hard times last year because his team was in a turmoil and nobody could celebrate with him after he scores hatrick. I doubt if messi could overcome that…sepp blatter foolishly uttered some slams against some the Portuguese player which shows he hates Ronaldo which is a proof of why messi broke the record even when Sneijder deserved it better but messi was awarded….conspiring against Ronaldo…..

    • Markos Getto

      Wooow you just kill me what you writen evetithing is right niceone bro CR7 numero uno

  • Giovanni salas

    Ronaldo needs to win if messi wins this year I’ll shoot myself Ronaldo been way better than messi this year

    • messi 10

      shoot yourself now becuase messi will win

      • Frans

        messi , you better suck my asshole !

  • Isaac

    I could see Neymar winning he shouldn’t, not yet anyway, but he could.

  • james

    Hey dude this kind of worlds u are useing is that wat c ronaldo ask u to say to messi fans just tell ronaldo he wil loes again coz in his life it can’t win fifa ballon d’ or 4times back to back messi is the first prayer to won it back to back so try again later u fool of shit

  • Mohammed DK

    Ronaldo much win this ballon if he didn’t win it ,so which mean FIFF hit him,only messi they like ,but what we are seeing ronaldo is the best.incoming world best CR7

  • Abubakar Sirajo

    Ballon d’or ‘s loosing its Value if a one player continue to won it 4 a decade despite there are some players like Ronaldo , Xavi , sneigder and iniesta deserve to won it . Sh—t. messi he don’t deserve it dis time .

  • patricia davies

    for my opinions
    i think CR7 was fantastic last season and even this season , please let us not look at our love for Messi and misjudge others of their performance, CR7 has been at his best for two seasons now and we are yet to discover his many talents.

  • zithulele

    I fever messi but Cristiano is the best ever in thie season he score more goals this season, if fifa will not give ronaldo world player of the year i wont watch wall cup next year. ronaldo is the best of the best, hes got speed,skill,acuracy,is scoring hatricks. leading goal scorerin la liga and champions leage.

  • Mr Joel Kabar

    is high time for Ronaldo season to win the FIFA award this year

  • Thiery

    Ronaldo has Scored a LOT of hattricks this season so he deserves it

  • cllmda

    i prefer Messi but he’s been out/injured too much lately so to be honest this time it should go to CR7,especially after his recent qualifying perfs with Portugal this WE.Ribery is a good player in a great team but he’s far from the level of the 2 FUORICLASSE Messi &Ronaldo=no contest!

  • yes ronald deserve it this time cr7 is the best at this moment

  • suresh shresthya

    Messi the best player of the world. messi assist many goal and also score winning game. ronaldo is selfish player he always hit the post he didnt assist the ball other player. so messi is deserve the bollon d or award in this year. hope messi win the award and he creat new record

  • Barcelona fc fan

    Messi is the all time best player ever to play football,hate him all you like but he is in a class of his own,Cristiano is great but second best…I believe Cristiano maybe perhaps should win but I also believe Frank Ribery Deserves it more than Cristiano,how ever Messi still is the man to beat and forever my number one best…#get well soon Messi


    Ribery ,messi are good for the ballondor but RONALDO is spectacular for it

  • kuldeep cr7

    cr7 best in the world

  • abs

    CR7, messi and ribery deserve to win the ballod’or. they have all been fantastic. but messi and ribery did not take thier team to the world cup or scored as much goals as ronaldo, CR7 ballond’or 2014!!!!!!!!!!

    • tendoes

      Bro dont u watch south American qualification match for worldcup
      He was top scorer
      N u saying he didn’t took his team to world cup

  • tendoes

    Messi achivement way higher then ronaldo and ribery and 4 injuries in single season n still competes for ballon d’or
    And he also create so many records this time and own two cups
    Ribery hv 3 but in goals and assist like messi
    Ronaldo hv goals but no club success

  • henry

    Ronaldo has been an outstanding player is just that fifa president is so blinded. let him wake up from sleep. he even go to an extend by criticizing ronaldo’s Hair style dat it is so expensive. messi is an amazing player so is rebery but when it cames to ballond’or ronaldo deserves it more than they do cus has been working hard for it


    Cristiano didn´t win anything in 2013!!!!…..He scored a little more than Messi,but Messi won Liga and he was injured 3-4 months



  • tha

    C.ronaldo win FIFA’s Ballon d’Or award ???? FIFA’s Ballon d’Or award is FUCK award

    Ribery and Messi wins FIFA’s Ballon d’Or award is FIFA’s Ballon d’Or award

  • tha

    portugal lose russia in Group F C.ronaldo FIFA’s Ballon d’Or award ???????

  • Munabau busari

    Cr7 is d best player of d year insha Allah

  • tagay tadele[rev]

    cr 7 is the best player of the year God belas you……..

  • irfan habib

    MESSI is the best player of the world ever and all know it. so he will win the balon di or, nor any one else…..ronaldo is just shameless.

    • henan mir

      CR7 is not going to win the ballon d or

  • irfan habib

    i am sure ronaldo dosent know anything about football, and so he said these things…if i could get him anytime at any where i will teach him how to play football.

  • Gaspar Toure

    slt fifa c moi djibril toure aguinnea ecutorial ballon dor c pour cr7

  • excellencenddy

    well well well i have read all ur comment about messi and cristiano, to start with messi and ribery thosing proud, the two (messi and ribery are easy going men) for the porguese ,they are very proud i work with them i know how they are. even ronaldo is not his name while going with the name that is not for him ,his name is cristaino alvares .so for me ribery and messi is the best thanks long live the kings and the legends footballers ronaldinrlho,,ronaldo of brazil, zedine, and the one, and the only one MEESSSSII THANKS
    dont forget the giant SAMUEL ETO,O

  • humayun alvi

    Messi ll win and he’s the best player

  • humayun alvi

    No one can match messi…. he’s the best

  • jesus Perez

    Cr7 cries for d’or ballon as a baby 4 his toys. He is good but the last year did not won anything, how he could deserve it more then Rivery or messi. Booth won something important.

  • Bartosz

    messi plays around all those amazing players that set him up perfectly so he doesnt have to do anything hard to score goals where as ronaldo has only a few players and he creates goals by himself!

  • excellencenddy

    dont say that, is real madrid not a team? or is only cr7 that make 11 prayers in the field of play?cr7 alway score the cheapest goal, 69 ,11 penalty

  • Michael

    This is an incredible room .. These 3 players are wonderful and they deserves legendry awards . As per this year ballon d’or winner , I will prefer they give It to CR7 for messis has won it 4 times back to back which had never happened before in football history with this same CR7 being his immediate runner up at all time and CR7 has perfomed better this year . So I prefer CR7 to either Lionel Messi or Ribery . Mind u , am a Barce fan with pride . Up Barca

  • katleg0

    Cr 7 bitchezzzZ…atleast ribery wil b numba 2,as 4 th midget(messi) h can suck riberyz aSs nd th reason messi hasn’t bin on top 0f his game its bc0z xavi nd iniesta ar nt playing regularly***Christiano Ronald0oooooooooo

  • erick

    Lionel Messi should wn the balon d oro because he still proves to be the best dribbler and scorer. cr7 did score more than messi but thats because messi was out for two months. and what did cr7 win this year? NOTHING! all cr7 did was score 69 goals which is truly not close to messi when he scored 91. if messi wouldnt have been injured, he will definitely over pass cr7 in goals. cr7 doesnt deserve balon d oro because he cant even get his tem in first place in la liga. cr7 is in 3rd place. cr7 also didnt win the champions league or the supercup. messi should win because we all know he is more talented than cr7. i bet this year messi will over pass cr7 in everything. cr7 could barely get his national team to the world cup and we all know portugal is not advancing to the second round. messi got argentina into the world cup. so we all know messi has the talent and skills. cr7 is good but not close to messi talent. messi should win the 2013 balon d oro.

  • Adeniji Kazeem Kolapo

    People do make comment with bias,it is known to everybody, Ronaldo has more goals than Messi. Messi is a footballer but Ronaldo is a complete footballer. Messi might be a lucky chap to get the award 4 times but mind you Ronaldo got this award before him and I hope he gets it tonight again. Ronaldo is my favorite player.

  • Onetimeaccount use

    not van persie or neymar
    and i support those clubs

  • Goo

    Suarez ?

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