FIFA Ballon d’Or 2014 Start Time of Ceremony & Live Stream

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Fifa official site will have the live commentry from the ceremony while many channels will be showing the awards live as well. We will get some free links to get you updated and enjoy Ronaldo getting the Ballon d’Or award :)

FIFA Ballon d’Or 2014 Gala – Details
Date: 13 January 2014

Ballon d'Or Ceremony 2014 live stream17:30: Ceremony starts
17:35: FIFpro World XI
17:50: Presidential Award
18:05: World Coach Women’s Football
18:10: World Coach Men’s Football
18:30: Puskas Award
18:45: Women’s World Player of the Year
18:55: Ballon d’Or

[ Please check back 20 minutes before the actual ceremony, for live links which start at 17:30 GMT. ]

The list of awards to be given out:

  1. FIFA Ballon d’Or (Best Player of the year)
  2. Women’s World Player of the Year 
  3. Men’s Coach of the Year 
  4. Women’s Coach of the Year 
  5. Fair Play Award
  6. Puskas Award (Goal of the year)
  7. FIFPro World XI (best team of the year)
  8. Presidential Award 


FIFA World Player of the year award ceremony started back in 1991 when most of the big league’s around Europe reformed and current Champions League format was started. Since than it has been an eagerly awaited gala every year and in the last 10 years it has gone through some big changes the biggest of them all was the merger of France Football’s Ballon d’Or award with FIFA World player of the year award.

[ The ceremony is a glittering event where most of the big names in World Football get together for a celebrate and achievments of individuals and teams, we will have the free live streaming of the event right here ]

Now all the coashes and captain’s of national teams vote for the best playe of the year, so it holds significant importance. Next award gala will take place in Zurich on 13 January 2014 and we will have all the live action from the ceremony right here.

FIFA Ballon d’Or Awards Nominees in different categories:

Below is official video by fifa which reveal all the nominated players for different awards to be given out on 13 January 2014

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  • aliandro elguaje

    leonel messi all the way

    • Jabbar Kuriakose Menon

      ninte thanthenodu poyi parayeda messiku kodukkan thayoli poori kuthichi myrae. avan messi alla.. pussi aanu. myru

  • sonzu

    Haters gonna sleep n lovers gonna party this night coz itz CR7 who will win the balloon d’or

  • Arhyand Crislovers

    Cristiano Ronaldo is the best…

  • carlos

    cr7 deserve its!!!!!

  • rajat

    Cristiano Ronaldo is the best……

  • Storyteller

    Yup as much as i support messi… i guess cr7 deserves to win it.

  • Kiran

    I’m for Ronaldo

  • AYAZ

    Off course Cristiano ronaldo is the best

  • Christopher Postiga

    if ronaldo doesn’t win it , there will be a riot

  • Ahmad

    Ronaldo must win ballon d’or BGG

  • DpOzil123

    It has to be ronaldo whatever other may say. Not because he hasn’t been good its because he has been sensational throughout this season taking his country to Brazil world cup, setting a record on champion league scoring most goal. He truly deserve this balloon d’or. HALA CR7 HALA MADRID!!!

  • Niringiyimana Egide

    CR7 is the best. He deserve the ballon d’or

  • sanjib paul

    messi deserve the ballon d’or

    • namjo

      why? Cuz he was injured?

  • asgar ali

    Messi deserves it even it goes for a 100 times in football history, no comparison between the 2 (Messi & Christiano), Messi beats him by far….the dribbling skills, goal scoring techniques, team player, attitude & play maker. all these aspects Messi is by far the leader… those who likes Christiano doesn’t know FOOTBALL…

  • Seun Glorious

    Either CR7 or nobody!…………….If Blatter will not manipulate the result again & again

  • Shahin Rind

    Rooooooonaldooooooooo Ronaaldoooooooooo Ronaldoooooooooooooooooooo RUUUUUUUUUNAAAALLDUUUUUU The beSSSSSSStttttttttt

    And Will Win This Awaaaaard

  • share

    messii is the beast

  • dark

    mesi of course

  • mustafa

    loe messi is the best

    • mackendy

      Leo messi is the best

  • Chief-isotah Suley-man S M

    Messi for real. period!!!!!

  • jakup

    mesi’a is the best player in the word

  • Sarkesh Ahmed

    ofc messi u cant compare the others to messi

  • David

    Congrats as Ronaldo got it but i am a huge fan of messi but it was not a good year for messi as he was injured for most of it

  • mail

    The good player in the world is cr7…that good for cr7 to win a ballon d’or…

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