Victor Ortiz Comes Out Of Retirement On December 13th Las Vegas Card

by Rory Kernaghan | Posted on Thursday, November 6th, 2014 | 0

victor ortiz retirement return

Former world champion Victor Ortiz comes out of retirement after less than a year…..

“Vicious” Victor Ortiz decided to call it a day back in January of 2014, after suffering three straight losses at the tail end of his career. Ortiz won the WBC welterweight title after thrashing Andre Berto over twelve rounds in 2011, but got turned around and knocked out by Floyd Mayweather in very controversial fashion.

Ortiz would fight again 9 months later, retiring between rounds against Josesito Lopez due to a broken jaw. It would be nearly 18 months before “Vicious” fought again, and this time it Luis Callazo scoring a knockout win in New York, and Ortiz officially retired soon after. Now though, we learn that the former world champion will be fighting again, against a yet to be confirmed opponent on the December 13th Amir Khan vs Devon Alexander card.

Check out what Ortiz said during the Khan vs Alexander press conference:

“I’ve fallen a few times in my career, it happens. I don’t care what career you choose to do, you’re going to fall. You get up and shake it off and move forward. This is a fight that I’m taking very seriously. I can’t afford to fall. I’m fortunate to have options, but right now my option is to be world champion.”

“I’ve put two films aside to fight on Dec. 13. I could’ve trained and acted at the same time but I knew that I had to focus completely on this fight. Not having an opponent doesn’t affect my current training. I’m finally with a team that I feel confident with and at home with.”

Is Victor Ortiz returning a wise idea? After such brutal losses during the very inactive late end of his career, there would be no shame in “Vicious” staying retired. It seems that the lure of glory and money are once again too much to resist for one of boxing’s modern fan favorites.

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