Tyson Fury Calls Out “Chump” Deontay Wilder

by Rory Kernaghan | Posted on Thursday, January 22nd, 2015 | 1

tyson fury vs deontay wilder


Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder?


Fresh off his 12-round decision win over Bermane Stiverne this month, Deontay Wilder is probably feeling pretty good about himself. The new WBC world heavyweight champion doesn’t look like he wants a rest, especially not with Tyson Fury calling him out. The British and EBU/WBO international heavyweight champ has been calling Wilder out non-stop.

“I’ll rip your heart out and feed it to you, chump! BronzeBomber, I’ll bring you it to a dog fight! Where it comes down to will & heart,” Fury said on his twitter today to Deontay Wilder. ”Hopefully this chump BronzeBomber will take the fight the worlds wants to see. I Honestly think BronzeBomber will avoid the furious1, and fight some bums instead of keeping the heavyweight buzz going. Let’s set it on fire,” Fury said.

Wilder’s response to Fury was short and sweet, saying, “Tyson Fury, bro, you don’t want none. Let’s make it happen.”

So it looks as if Tyson Fury vs Deontay WIlder could be the WBC champ’s first defense. He has also called for the fight since beating “B. Ware” in a dominant win.

The 26-year old Brit is currently slated to fight Romanian-German born Christian Hammer on February 28th. He’d probably do well to just focus on that fight for now…

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