Terence Crawford vs Raymundo Beltran Fight Video Highlights

by Rory Kernaghan | Posted on Sunday, November 30th, 2014 | 0

terence crawford vs raymundo beltran fight video

Terence Crawford vs Raymundo Beltran fight video HL from Omaha, Nebraska…..

Unbeaten WBO lightweight champion Terence Crawford returned to the ring last night (Saturday Nov. 29th, 2014) to face respected challenger Ray Beltran. “Bud” made the trip to the ring as a still undefeated (24-0) lightweight, having creamed Yuroirkis Gamboa earlier in the year.

In what will probably be his last title defense at this weight, Crawford bashed Beltran around for the best part of 12 rounds, and was never in trouble. For his part, Beltran showed plenty of heart, but not much more. Crawford was able to shake off the power shots of Beltran and land at a much higher percentage by round, and overall.

The final scoring from the judges read as a unanimous-decision victory by scores of 119-109 (twice) and 120-108. Deep in the fight, Crawford was able to hurt Beltran, and very nearly got the finish in the dying embers of the 12th round.

Crawford said that Junior welterweight is his next journey, simply stating the following:

“This is it [at lightweight],” Crawford said. “This is it — like Michael Jackson.”

The champion dominated the punch stats,  with Crawford landing 243 punches compared to Beltran’s 96.

Check out the Terence Crawford vs Raymundo Beltran fight video highlights below, courtesy of ESPN.com

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