Boxing Talks Manny Pacquiao & His Journey To Greatness

by Rory Kernaghan | Posted on Wednesday, November 5th, 2014 | 0

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Manny Pacquiao has had a long road to become one of the greatest modern boxers…..

Eight-division world champion Manny Pacquiao, along with Floyd Mayweather Jr., is truly one of the last modern greats left in the game. There are plenty of young guns coming up that will attempt to fill the boots of the Filipino boxing legend, but that is a task that very few will accomplish.

With a record of 56-5-2, “Pac Man” has fought and beaten Erik Morales, Ricky Hatton, Oscar De La Hoya, Timothy Bradley, Juan Manuel Marquez, Antonio Margarito, Shane Moseley, Miguel Cotto and a host of other legitimate boxing legends. It hasn’t been without it’s fair share of down points too though.

Recent losses like his brutal knockout in the fourth fight with Marquez show that time may be catching up to the hero of the Philippines. His next fight against Chris Algieri sees Pacquiao at a severe height and reach disadvantage, but also shows how he is willing to fight anyone, regardless of size or stature.

The one fight that everyone talks about is Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather, which I have personally given up on seeing. “Money” has two more fights left, and I don’t think either will risk their legacies at this late stage in their respective runs.

Too much politics and money is involved in making Pacquiao vs Mayweather a reality, and I feel it will stay as a dream pairing. Check out this exclusive Manny Pacquiao feature video

The boxing world truly appreciates what they have in the form of Manny Pacquiao, but how much longer will he go on fighting? At the age of 35, and with so many accomplishments, you’d have to imagine that retirement is on the horizon.

The boxing history books are filled with champions who fought on too far past their prime, and paid the price for it. His next bout against the younger 20-0 “King of New York” should be a good litmus test, but really what else does Manny Pacquiao have to prove?

HBO Manny Pacquiao boxing highlight reel:

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