Carl Froch vs George Groves Live Stream 2014 Rematch



Froch vs Groves Fight dateFroch vs Groves Preview:

One of the biggest fights in British boxing calender this year is a fight between two very contrasting style and careers as Carl Froch takes on George Groves for the title shot in Manchester on the night when Pacqiuoa takes on Rios in Macao, China. Groves vs Froch will takes place in United Kindom later in the night (mind the time difference). So tune in here on for both the fights live streaming on Saturday night 23 November.

Carl Froch vs George Groves is promising to be a belter, although Froch will go into the fight as massive favourite and a win in this one will set up potential rematch against Division World Champion Andre Ward, who beat Froch back in 2011. Carl Froch has been fight pretty well since the defeat and he avenged his defeat from Kessler by beating him in O2 Arena earlier in 2013.

George Groves is decent fighter, has some following in United Kingdom but outside of it not many people know him. He has this lifetime chance of putting up a show and take his career to next level although I believe he is taking on a World Class boxer a tad too soon. On the other hand a defeat will put a serious doubt on his top flight career and he wont get another shot at World Championship anytime soon.


  • Michael Garrett

    how do I get the groves froch fight

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      Check back this page at around 20:00 BST to get the live streams

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  • Lee

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      No you dont need to install anything. Stream will be available here at 20:00 BST
      and it makes us happy if you share the page on social sites :)

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      well you dont have to, it will be free and we will start to post live links shortly. just hang in there :)

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      • Dar

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          for mac iphone/ipad stuff try to install a flash plugin for safari might work but not sure about that

  • Paul D

    Really want to watch this much anticipated fight tonight. Will i definitely be able to watch it for free on this website?

    • Admin

      Yes definately. check back at around 20:00 BST for live streams

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      no need to install anything. this is probably an ad. check out other two alternative links aswell.

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        Thankyou for the swift reply. im going to tell everyone about this site now!

  • BC

    Will the Pacquiao fight also be shown live on this site for free???

    • Admin

      @ BC

      Yeah bro,… check back after 13:00 tonight for the stream for that fight.

  • Thomas Spicer

    does the stream just appear

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      Stream is available and working fine…

  • j

    what tme will it start streaming?

  • Karlton gret

    Will this stream to an ipad?

    • Usman

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        it is not ipad/iphone compatible… please switch to windows plateform or install flash in your ipad device for safari and check again, it might work

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      wait for the “x” sign to appear somewhere around the ad… once it appear click on the “x” button and full screen.

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      if the ‘x’ doesnt appear….just click the bottom right corner of the screen….for full screen and this will get rid of the box that says ‘error’ or you are missing the plugin’.

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          I personally thought I was having problems but I asked a question and it turned out it was an ‘ad’, (they look so reallistic! haha) I hope my advice has helped you, but if the words ‘con’ and ‘stay away’ are used I personally believe that could tarnish the reputation of this website/feed which is not needed. I hope I cleared things up, if you need any help just comment and one of us will try and help you, we are all here to stream live and some of us like myself will help or try our best to help you stream too.

          Thanks James

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  • paul singleton

    great fight but why did the ref not lot groves get knocked out, , ruined it for froch

  • dan

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    Still, saved memoney though,happy days!

    • Admin

      @ dan

      site crashed because too much traffic.. :( did not expected

  • Paul D

    Will there still be links to the Pacquiao Rios fight tonight?