Carl Froch Kept His Legacy With A Superb KO Win Over Groves

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Sunday, May 18th, 2014 | 125

Carl Froch settled the unfinished business with a massive right hand in the 8th round by knockout George Groves out – Super end to the fight

That was not in the script was it ? Groves started slower of the two in the rematch but moment we thought he is getting the better of Froch in the 7th-8th round, boom! froch knockout him out with a devastating knockout blow which left no room for controversy.

It turned out to be quite a spectacle with 80,000 fans jamming pack the stadium while we had many celebrities and other sports personalities who witness a special night which the winner Carl “Cobra” Froch describe as impossible to top, the best night in his boxing career.

Groves vs Froch II Results
 Fight  Result How
Anthony Joshua vs Mat Legg Anthony Joshua 1st Round Knockout
James McDonnell vs T.Na Rachawat James McDonnell 10th Round Stoppage
Kevin Mitchell vs Ghislain Maduma Kevin Mitchell 11th Round Stoppage
James DeGale vs Brendon Gonzalez James Degale 4th Round Stoppage
Carl Froch vs George Groves II Carl Froch 8th Round Knockout

In the early few rounds the fight was going in favour of Froch, who used his jab magnificently while Groves struggle to put his authority in the first half of the fight. In round 7 Groves started to land a few on Froch who was just earting his shots no problem after that 7 round I had Froch winning by 2 round but that came the killer blow in the 8th round which left no doubt in the result and no need see scorecards. Groves was knocked out badly

Froch vs Groves live Streaming free

Fight Preview:
After that epic but controversial november 2013 bout, Froch and Groves will square up again on 31st May 2014 for the rematch of what potentialy could turn out to be the biggest boxing fight in the history of british boxing. There is no love lost between the two fighters and since referee stopped the first fight, fans have been asking for the rematch and here we are just a few days away from the big night in boxing.

The fight will take place in Wembley Arena, London and the stakes are much higher that the first fight, Eddie Hearns the promoter is hopeful that they will get around 80,000 fans in attendance in the stadium while millions watching back home through skysports PPV in United Kingdom and HBO in United States.

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