Amir Khan Wants Floyd Mayweather After Devon Alexander

by Rory Kernaghan | Posted on Tuesday, December 9th, 2014 | 0

amir khan vs floyd mayweather

Amir Khan vs Floyd Mayweather could be a smash hit in the Box Office…..

Amir Khan will return to action this Saturday, as he prepares to face fellow former light-welterweight champion Devon Alexander in Las Vegas, Nevada. The December 13th card is also backed up by another former WBO welterweight champion Victor Ortiz. Ortiz will face Manuel Perez in his latest comeback fight.

Much has been said of the calibre of Khan’s opponent for the Vegas card, and also of how he will be ranked if Alexander beats him. With the pressure truly on, Khan declares himself a much better fighter than in 2013 to the

‘I have the fastest hands in the ring. I have some of the best skills in boxing. I deserve to be regarded as among the elite fighters in the world, to be talked about in the same breath as Mayweather and Pacquiao. I believe I am the future of boxing.”

‘I’m focused on Alexander,’ says Khan. ‘But after I beat him I hope the people will say that I deserve to fight Floyd and will demand that he meets me.’

‘Even though I’m just turning 28 I still feel young, I’m still hungry and still a nice person. But the difference is that I’m wiser, smarter and I’ve learned from those mistakes.’

‘That would have been my first fight coming up to welterweight and there’s no doubt that I’m much more ready for Devon now than I would have been then.

‘I’ve grown into the division. And in the time I had out of the ring Virgil Hunter (his trainer) corrected my errors. He worked on my balance and my defence. He made me realise that although I’m an attacking boxer I need to recognise when to go on the offensive.

‘It’s in my blood to love a fight and that will always be a big part of me. But I have a better grasp of when to concentrate on boxing with abilities and not walk onto big shots. Anyone who does that gets knocked down by the kind of punches I got caught with.

‘Now I know that this is my time.’

So AMir Khan vs Floyd Mayweather could well be a reality if “King” conquers Alexander in Nevada, but will “Money” want that fight? Khan could provide big trouble with his notorious speed and power, would it be worth it for Mayweather?

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