Nike’s Top 10 Highest Paid Endorsement Deals to Sports Players

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Nike the american sports brand is by far the biggest in the world with total worth of around $49 Billion which is more than double their closest competitor which is a german brand Adidas. That goes to show how much Nike has evolved around all these years. 30 years ago when they singed Michael Jordan for $500,000 yearly deal, was considered one of the biggest in the world and now they are still paying Jordan in the range of $60 million a year. So today we decided to come up with the highest paid endorsement deals in the world for athletes of all sports.

NIke endorsement deals highest paid Nike

Market Value: $49.36 Billion

  • Established: 1964 in USA
  • CEO: Mark Parker
  • Sales: $25.28 B

Nike is the 24th most valuable brand in the world in all categories. But before we get into things deeper lets take a look an overview of Nike company statistics and money and where they belong in terms of companies. So lets take a look their historic endorsement deals over the years.

Ronaldo Twitter Followers11. Cristiano Ronaldo

Yearly: $8 million

The highest paid football player in the world both in terms of his pro contract with the club and also in terms of Endorsements. Ronaldo racks up $8 Million a year just to

Kobe Bryant Salary 201310. Kobe Bryant

Yearly: $8 million

A 5 year contract with Nike worth $40 million and his very own Brant’s 8s shoes are pretty good sale in china. Previously he was with Adidas but signed for Nike back in 2003

Kevin Durant 2014 salary09. Kevin Durant

Yearly: $8.5 million

Now here is loyalty and money, Kevin Durant passed out the opportunity to sign with Adidas for a contract worth $70 million, instead he picked his beloved Nike which paid him a little less and that is $60 million for 7 year contract racking him $8.5 million year.

Maria Sharapova Networth 201308. Maria Sharapova

Yearly: $8.75 million

First and only girl in the top 10 list of highest paid endorsement deals, Sharapova makes $8.50 million year with his Nike contract almost double when her closes rival Sarena Williams get paid.

Federer Net Worth07. Roger Federer

Yearly: $10 million

One of the most marketable athlete in world sport, 17 time grand slam winner Roger Federer is in twilight of his career but still racks up more than $40 million in just endorsement from a long list of contracts he has signed with many companies. Which also include Nike’s $10 million year contract for 10 years.

Lebron James 2013 Salary, Endorsements06. LeBron James

Yearly: $10 million

Lebron James says that he is underpaid in NBA compared to other stars, but you dont have to feel bad for him. The guy makes ton of money through endorsement deals. He signed a 7 year contract with Nike back in 2004 worth $93 Million and the extension followed with $10 million a year endorsement deal.

05. Derek Jeter:

Yearly: $10 million

Jeter is one of the high-profile player in Baseball and he singed a 10 year contract with Nike back in 2008 which worth a cool $100 million. Thats some hefty money to take home with all the big salaries they get paid.

Rory Mcilroy Career Earnings04. Rory Mcllroy

$10 million

This one is one tricky, as it has not been confirmed. Some suggest that Rory Mcllroy signed 10 year deal worth $250 with Nike while some reports suggest its around $100 Million for 5 years. Both ways Mcllroy is the winner.

03. Rafael Nadal

~$10 million

Nadal signed his current nike endorsement deal with Nike in 2008 which is a 10 yearly contract worth 100 million making it $10 Million a year for 11 time grand slam winner.

Tiger Woods career earnings02. Tiger Woods

~$20 million

Tiger Woods and nike are mode for each other, Woods signed his first endorsement deal with Nike back in his professional debut in 1996, which was a 5 year deal worth $40 million. since than he got a couple of extension and latest contract will take him with Nike till the end of his career and that deal is a $20 Million a year contract for 5 years.

Michael Jordan Career earnings01. Michael Jordan

$60 million

Now here is one of the biggest endorsement deal the world has seen. Michael Jordon has retired a since 2003 but still he gets a check from Nike every year which ranges from anywhere around $50 to $60 million a year. In 2013 Jordan racked up a total of $80 million in endorsement deals mainly from nike plus Gatorade, Hanes, Upper Deck, 2K Sports

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