Lebron James Net Worth

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Lebron James 2013 Salary, EndorsementsLebron James Net Worth: $120 million

2012-13 Earnings: $60 M (Forbes)
Salary/Winning/Bonuses $17.8 M
Endorsements Earning: $42 M
Major Brands: Nike, Pepsi
Sport: NBA (Basketball)
: 28
Forbes Richlist:
#4 The World’s Highest-Paid Athletes

Lebron James also known as King James has a superb 2012-13 season where he won his 2nd NBA title, 2nd Olympic Title and his fourth MVP award on top of that his earnings riched career high and we take a look at how her earns his net worth which is beleived to be around $120, and how he spend that money, while off court deals with brands such as Nike, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Samsung make him one of the most marketable athlete in America.


Lebron James Salary & Endorsement Deals:

NBA Yealry Salary – $17.8 Million
He has one of the most lucarative contracts in NBA, 2nd only to Kobe Bryant, Lebron James earns around $18 Million a year with his pro contract with his NBA Team.

Endorsement Deals: – $43 Million

He is one of the most marketable athlete now, not only in untied States but outside his stock is getting sky high,

  • Dunkin’ Donuts and the NBA2K14 video game in China
  • Nike Shoes
  • Coca Cola
  • McDonalds


Lebron James House/Mansions

Coconut Grove Mansion
Worth: $9 million
Location: Miami, Florida

James bought this mansion back in 2010, for approximately $9 Million and this is a massive mansion with its own small beach, and the total area is 15,000 square feet where this luxuray mansion is located. there are 8 bedrooms and there is also a place for 2 yachts on the docks.

LBJ Ohio Mansion
Worth: $2.1 million
Year Bought in: 2003
Location: Akron, Ohio

James alos have another Mansion in his native Ohio, which he bought back in 2003 and it is located in Akron city of Ohio. Its another massive Mansion worth more than $3 Million now.

Located in 20 miles south of Cleveland, and it has 11 bedrooms, a theater, a bowling alley, a casino and a barber shop. Massive huh !


Lebron James Cars Collection:

  1. Ferrari F430 Spider
  2. Maybach 57S
  3. Dodge Challenger SRT
  4. Mercedes Benz S63 AMG
  5. Hummer H2
  6. Chevrolet Camaro SS
  7. Orange Jeep Wrangler
  8. Porsche Turbo
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