Top 10 highest earning NBA players

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Basketball is one of the most popular games available on earth at the moment. The sure excitement that this game brings can rival even football. People are getting more and more attracted to Basketball now-a-days. Most of the major game players are paid quite handsomely for their plays and basketball is not behind in that department either.

The players here are paid quite a lot of money for bringing in more and more viewers each year. They are all genius who plays at their best capabilities to show the world what they are truly capable of.

Top 10 highest earning NBA players

All basketball fans must be dying to know which of these greats are paid the most for their play in the court. Here is our simple attempt to bring you all closer to this and please enjoy our list. We added the information from 2014-2015 season and this may end up changing this season. Here is our list –

Rank Name Salary Team
01 Kobe Bryant (SG) $23,500,000 Los Angeles Lakers
02 Joe Johnson (SF) $23,180,790 Brooklyn Nets
03 Carmelo Anthony (SF) $22,458,401 New York Knicks
04 Dwight Howard (C) $21,436,271 Houston Rockets
05 Chris Bosh (C) $20,644,400 Miami Heat
06 LeBorn James (SF) $20,644,400 Cleveland Cavaliers
07 Chris Paul (PG) $20,068,563 Los Angeles Clippers
08 Deron Williams (PG) $19,754,465 Brooklyn Nets
09 Rudy Gay (SF) $19,317,326 Sacramento Kings
10 Kevin Durant (SF) $18,995,624 Oklahoma City Thunder


There is no doubt about the capabilities of these players and perhaps that is why these players are paid do highly for their jobs on the field. The new season and a new year is coming very soon and most of these players will be hoping for a raise and thus their salary will go even higher. Hope you all enjoyed our list. If you have any question that you would like to ask us then please leave your comment below.

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