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Make money with TSMPLUG

Benefits of Contributing everything Sports !

We have this very exciting contribution Program where you can write about your favourit sports and make money at the same time, we are offering $5 for every sports article accepted into our contribution program which can increase to $10 if you become premier publisher.


  • You will  get an Author’s page which will have your bio and all of your published articles with statistics of page views.
  • You article will be featured on the homepage of TSMPLUG.COM and will be exposed to 30,000 daily traffice.
  • Popular articles will be listed on every page of the site, and you can follow how many views article is generating.


  • For every approved article you will get$5 added to your account.
  • Once your 10 articles have been accepted and published you will become a premium contributor! which will put you to the PPV program where you will share 60% revenue generated by the article + $10 for every article
  • Tip: So write as much as you can build your following on TSMPLUG and become a premium paid publisher!

terms of use tsmplug


Terms and conditions:

Here are a few guidelines you have to follow when submitting an article on our system. please read through the points and you are all set to make money writing sports.

  • All articles submissions should be unique and exclusive.
  • immediate ban for any type of abuse in our program.
  • Editors has the right to reject any submitted article.
  • Editors has the right to change/modify any article.
  • When articles are published and you get payed that article becomes the sole property of TSMPLUG.COM

Payment Process:

  • For every accepted article you will be payed $5
  • Payment will be processed within 10 minutes of article going live on TSMPLUG.COM
  • Only Paypal is accepted as payment option.

Contribution Program Guidelines (Help)

Since 80% of tsmplug traffic is from search engines, that is why we only accept articles which provide the user exactly what they are looking for, so please read through the points below.

  • Article should be original and unique
  • Minimum 400 words, less than that won’t be considered.
  • No duplicate policy here, instant rejection for duplicat content.
  • Include pictures and Videos if any (youtube, dailymotion)
  • Article content should be new, fresh and focused on latest sports or future events

What Topics Are Accepted ?

For topics suggestion please contact us here. We can guide you what topics we are looking and what format you need to write it will save you alot of time.

  • Top 10 or Top 5 list of anything about sports
  • Future Sports Events.
  • Player Statistics.
  • Sports Records
  • Player Biographys

To start, please contact us

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  1. Shahzad says:

    How can i get Started …… Can you Please help me

  2. Tracy Simmons says:

    hey there, I’m interesting in writing for your blog.. please let me know at [email protected]

  3. sanjay godara says:

    I want to write about cricket records top list player statistics and much more about cricket but I don’t know how and where put the article in your site map please tell me the details information so I can expose my writing skills and get paid. Thank you

  4. arjun raju says:

    [email protected] – I’m not able to contact the TSM Plug team via the ‘contact us’ page. Do send me a mail so that i can start publishing articles based on cricket and football!

  5. Ariful Islam says:

    I can not communicate with you guys through the ‘Contact Us’ form. I want to work with you. Please knock me at [email protected].

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