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Privacy Policy for

Before we get into the mix of things, let me remind you that if you have any questions about our privacy policy, you can contact us.

TSM Plug is a sports site, and the kind of information we collect from the visitors of this site is explained below.

Log Files

Just like any other website, TSM Plug servers collect data likeIPL addresses, browsers, date, time, referring site and exit pages. While on site certain user behaviour is also collected like number of pages visited, number of clicks, time spent on the site and the exit page. All of this information is not personally identifiable.


  1. Google Adsense:

We only use google adsense on our site, which has third-party advertisers and TSM Plug has no control over the cookies and beacons used by 3rd party ad networks. If you are concerned about privacy policy and ads showing on this site, you will have to refer to the google adsense policies. ( )

How to disable cookies:

You may wish to disable cookies, and that can be achieved through browser you are using. More detailed information about how to disable cookies can be found on your browser’s official website.

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