FIFA World Cup 2014 Jerseys

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Monday, December 23rd, 2013 | 45

Below are the leaked & released pictures of the World CUp 2014 Kits. We have placed the pictures in a way that on your left hand screen you have home kits while right hands side has away kits. We have found many teams kits already which are not available anywhere. Like Australian, South Korea, Switzerland Away and many more.

Brazil Logo 2014 World CupBRAZIL

England World Cup 2014 KitsENGLAND

Greece football LogoGREECE

France World Cup 2014 KitsFRANCE

Argentina Logo World Cup 2014ARGENTINA

German World Cup 2014 LogoGERMANY

Spain 2014 World CUp LogoSPAIN

Mexico footballMEXICO

russia football logoRUSSIA

USA logo 2014 World CupUNITED STATES

Croatia 2014 world cup fixturesCROATIAN

Portugal FIFA Wolrd Cup logo 2014PORTUGAL




Australian 2014 World Cup logoAUSTRALIA

Australian Home away kits 2014




ghana World cup 2014GHANA

Italy Logo 2014 World CupITALY

ivory coast World cup 2014IVORY COAST

Japan Logo 2014 FIFA World CUpJAPAN

Holland Live StreamingHOLLAND

South Korea Logo 2014 World CupSOUTH KOREA

Switzerland flagSWITZERLAND

Switzerland home away world cup kits

Uruguay World Cup 2014 LogoURUGUAY


costa rica world cup 2014COSTA RICA

Costa Rica home away kits world cup


Honduras home away kits


ecuador 2014 world cup kits

iran world cup 2014IRAN


World CUp 2014 Jerseys

Nike World Cup Kits Expected Release dates: Spring 2014

Adidas World Cup kits expected released dates: Late Fall 2013

Following are the kits which has been leaked or officialy released, the home kits of the teams are on the left side while the away kits are on the right. We will keep updating this page throughout from now to the the release of all the official kits. Adidas has revealed many of their World Cup Kits while Nike has yet to release a single Kit for their roster. Lets take a look at the kits which images are available while more details can be found further down this page.

FIFA world Cup 2014 will get underway next year in June, while in November we will have the complete list of 32 teams qualified for the FIFA World Cup and around that time we will start to get Official kit releases, news and leaked images from kit manufacturers like Nike, Adidas etc.

According to the news sources, we can reveal that World Cup kit released dates for Nike is set for February/March 2014. All the national team kits who’s suppliers are nike should expect the kits to be officialy released in spring 2014.

Most of the kits for the qualified teams will start to get official releases towards the end of the year in November/December, while we expect all 32 teams kits to be revealed before March 2013. Four Asian Teams have already qualified including Brazil and we will be posting their possible kit designs and any leaked kit images so you can bookmark this page so that you can keep yourself upto dated with World Cup 2014 Kit Releases

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  1. Dave says:

    As long as France have white shorts with red socks again. Time to get rid of that all blue horrendous experiment.

    • Mario R. Lillo says:

      Nike needs to get rid of the monochromatic experiment altogether. This isn’t basketball where teams MUST wear all of one color. I only want to see Netherlands’ all-orange as a second home uniform, not as the default, Portugal with their red-green-red or red-white-green combination, and so forth. It wouldn’t mean a damn thing if we see new Nike (or God forbid, Adidas) shirts if it means having them in one color.

  2. Vandenho says:

    Leaked kit for Belgium ??

  3. olu says:

    learnt nike wll make nigeria’s kit, how true is it?

  4. olu says:

    Soccer fans in Nigeria are tired of that bland design made by adidas, i can’t wait to see the eagles file out with shoulders high in nike strips come 2014. I need 2 see d leaked kits.

  5. Boogy says:

    Brazil shirts are too simple Nike come on now

  6. Leekas Shep says:

    You wanna see the all time best designs…. Just roll back to 2006..

  7. de_:ogi says:

    Any news on the possible Bosnian new supplier? Fans back home are going crazy about it for years now =). Everybody can’t wait to get rid of Legea and the Football Association said that they were treating with some big/famous producers…but no leaks or news on this still…Rumours about Adidas or Nike but nothing more than that…What are your information on this? The Legae deal expires in May but obviously I think they will get the new one before and the new supplier will pay some kind of penalty to them. Adidas launched all their teams already while Nike has still to do it (and Puma). Does this mean that Bosnia will not wear Adidas?

    • Admin says:

      Did some research on that and it looks as though they will be renewing with Legea…Its the same situation with Iran as well. They have current sponsors DLHSport who might supply world cup kits…

      • de_ogi says:

        I really hope you might be wrong on this..
        What are your sources. There could be some serious violence against the Football association by the fans and players if Legea should stay the kit supplier =) It is not the fact of it not being a famous company but the kits are simply terrible..Not even in the lower leagues teams wear such bad quality and design kits. I live in Italy and the teams where I play (lower leages have better quality stuff. Once I was travelling with the Bosnian national team on a plane and even they were talking about it. =))

        • Admin says:

          I did some research on Iran and Bosnia Wc kits, and it seems to me that both the teams are trying to hook up lucarative deals with one of the top 3 brands (adidas, Nika, Puma) but they do have their current contracts in place till world cup, in case if Iran beyond world cup. so that can by tricky to switch kit suppliers

          Back in 2006 world cup, Iran terminated their contract with some local brand to hook up with “Puma” days before the world cup started. so similar scenario can happen this time around.

  8. Efrain says:

    Colombia away here

    [ No Link please ]

  9. Abtin says:

    Dear admin, I can see that you have written the Iran jersey from UHL will be released in january 2014, from where do you have this information, and is it the correct date? 🙂 We are all veryy eager to see the new jersey for world cup, and buy it. Though UHL and the Iranian Football Federation have claimed they will not release earlier than one month prior to the world cup.

    Kind Regards.

    • Admin says:

      @ Abtin

      What that info meant is “not before January 2014” In WC 2006 iran football pulled the same stunt when they switched to Puma at the last few weeks before world cup. and same is the possibility.

  10. Siavash says:

    @ admin Irans sponsor is the german brand uhlsport, not DHL sport 🙂

  11. Siavash says:

    Iran will stick to it supplier uhlsport this time.They have had offers after they qualified but the federation has annonced that they will be loyal and stay with German uhlsport. Even the predsident of the Iranian federation was at Balingen in Germany for some weeks ago to visit the company and see the designs for Irans kits. As far as I know the design is now completed.

  12. The Bonsta says:

    Can anyone tell me how get my hands on the current African Champions Nigeria?, how come when we finally win a tournament the kit provider takes an age to release the kit?
    Any news on a release date for the Home or Away kit?

  13. Amar the Bosnian says:

    Nike will sponsor my country bosnia my brother works with the football federation they did the deal begin 2013 with bosnia their just waiting for spring to release them .

  14. de_ogi says:

    Todays official news…The president of the Bosnian Football Association said that at the world cup Bosnia will wear the equipment of one of the “worlds top brands” and that they are in talks and figuring out the best offer. Phew!!! Exept if they consider Legea a world top brand (supplying N.Corea, Montenegro and Zimbabwe – no offense to those nations)…

  15. Saif tayyab says:

    Man Germany away looks nice!!!!!!

  16. Ruud says:

    Some are the best kits I have seen

  17. Jose says:

    Just curious when they will release the new honduras kit? I know their made by Joma.

  18. Fil1989 says:

    Hey admin any news on if/when Croatia kits will be released?

  19. Ali says:

    Hi there admin, you’re doing a great job here 🙂 I was just wondering, what are the names of the designs of the adidas jerseys for this years world cup? like the condivo design, toque design, etc. Are the even following those designs? Thanks and keep up the great work

  20. alonso medrano says:

    Costa Rica’s jersey is Lotto, not marathon

  21. Ireland Are The Best Even Though They're Not says:

    Cameroon & Ghana’s away have too much similarities, that of a colour change

  22. CroatiaCeltic says:

    croatian and american jersey leaked

  23. BMOFO says:

    Croatian jersey looks nice!

  24. Omer says:

    The Puma and Adidas kits are so much more stylish and better than the boring Nike kits

  25. Hope France will win it !

  26. Ainjel says:

    I love the fact how Italy uniforms are blue, that’s my favorite team

  27. hassan says:

    its really amazing to found out that Nigeria is playing this world-cup and the fact that everything is green, up greeners

  28. wilfried says:

    dice one itay

  29. wilfried says:

    alex buss me#!fuck

  30. Gazelle says:

    where can i purchase an official Iranian 2014 jersey from?

  31. John says:

    What’s on the French uniform on the shoulder? A chicken??

  32. es1z3_77 says:

    Iran is nice kit….. Puma has nice kits too….. I agree… Nike is boring…

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