Rory McIlroy Net Worth – Career Earnings Endorsement Money

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Rory McIlroy Net Worth: $40 million Rory Mcilroy Career Earnings

2012-13 Earnings: $29.6 M (Forbes)
Salary/Winning/Bonuses $13.6 M
Endorsements Earning: $16 M
Mahor Brands:   Omega, Santandar Bank, Nike, Bose
Sport: Golf
: 24 Years
Forbes Richlist:
#21 The World’s Highest-Paid Athletes

Mcilroy broke through the golf ranks in 2012 as he went on to win five titles worldwide in 2012 making him one of the highest earnings players in golf, behind Tiger Woods and Mickelson. There were rumours in the media that he signed a record breaking $250 million worth of deal with Nike for the 10 years, but that seem false recent report and the deal in reality is not more than $15 over the next 5 years, his 2013 has been poor and his off the field record is not better either. Lets take a look at his earnings and how he spend his money.


Rory Mcilroy Career Earnings

Year PGA Tour Earnings European Tour Earnings
2007  € 277,255
2008  € 696,335
2009 $849,719  € 3,610,020
2010 $2,554,280  € 1,821,050
2011 $1,905,609  € 4,002,168
2012 $8,047,952  € 5,519,118


Rory Mcilroy Endorsement Deals Money

Mcilroy made his mark in 2012 PGA Tour when he went on to win the US Open and PGA Championship, and with that came huge list of Sponsorship deals across the board, So lets take a look at what brands he endorses or endorsed in the past.

  1. Oakley
  2. Nike
  3. Bose
  4. Santandar

Nike Deal:
Reports were that he signed a €250 million deal with Nike for 10 years period, but that has not been confirmed by either Mcilroy or Nike themselves.


Rory Mcilroy House/Mansion

USA Mansion/Palace
Worth: $10.9m
Location: Palm Beach Gardens

Rory Mcilroy recently bought a new palace in United States, for more than $10 Million which comes in 10,000 sq ft land, and this massive mansion has 6 luxury bedroom and nine bathrooms while it also boast a gym.

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