Roger Federer Net Worth 2014- Career Prize Money Endorsement

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Federer Net WorthRoger Federer Net Worth : $180 million

2012-2013 Earnings: $71 million (Forbes)
Salary/Winning/Bonuses $6.6 Million
Endorsements Earning: $65 Million
Mahor Brands:  Nike, Rolex, Mercedez Benz, Gillette
Sport: Tennis
: 34
Forbest Richlist: 2nd Highest Paid athlete in World

One of the finest players to have every graces sport of tennis, Roger Federer is one of the all time greats in this sport, winning 17 Grand Slams, 7 Wimbledon titles making him the most successfull player and former World No.1 retained his position as No.1 ATP ranking more than anyone else in the world, so lets take a look at Forbes 2nd Highest paid Athlete in the World, and where do his money comes from.


Roger Federer Career Prize Money
THe former No.1 player in tennis, Roger Federer has won alot of ATP tour titles and 17 gran slams over the year, making his career prize money to more than anyone else in the tennis since the start of Open Era. since the start of his career to 2013 he has won around $77,153,203 in prize money which is massive and maybe more than double compared to someone who will be 2nd in the career prize money winning list. Lets take a look at his career prize money year by year.

 Year  Prize Money
 1998  $26,370
 1999  $193,844
 2000  $468,204
 2001  $773,591
 2002  $1.83 M
 2003  $3.76 M
 2004  $6.33 M
 2005  $6.11 M
 2006  $8.36 M
 2007  $10.11 M
 2008  $5.88 M
 2009  $8.76 M
 2010  $7.68 M
 2011  $6.32 M
 2012  $8.58 M
Total Career Money  $77 Millions (May 2013)


Roger Federer Endorsemet Deal & Money:
Around $77 Million since 1998 in just prize money, thats a whooping money but the major chunk he earned outside of the ring being one of the most marketable athlete in the world. So lets take a look at his earnings from Endorsemet deals.

Federer Endorsement sponsorship

Brands Roger Federer Endorses and how much they pay him

Brand Endorsement Money
Moët & Chandon $30 million over 5 years
Mercedes-Benz Unknown
Credit Suisse  $20 M over 10 years
Lindt Unknown
Nike $100 M over 10 years.
Jura  $16 M over 7 years.
Gillette  $3 M/year
National Suisse  Unknown
Wilson $2 M/year,
Rolex  $15 M over 10 years
NetJets Unknown


Roger Federer Exhibition matches Earnings:
Being the top tennis player and one of the most recognizable face around the world Roger Federer is a a massive name and he plays in various Exibiations matches and reportedly earns between $1 Million to $1.5 Million per match.

While making apperences in ATP 500 to 250 events he also generate over the top earnings around $500,000 apperence fee in such events like ATP Rotterdam Masters. He is a money making mechine and where do he spend his money ? lets take a look.

Roger Federer Houses and Property Portfolio:

Dubai Apartment

Crap Curver villa

Penthouse Apartment

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