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Ronaldo Twitter FollowersCristiano Ronaldo Net Worth – $120 million

2012-2013 Earnings – $44 M
Salary/Winnings – $23 M
Endorsements Earning: $21 M
Major Brands: Castrol, Nike, Konami
Sport: Football
Real Madrid
: 28

Ronaldo is one of the best football players around the world and currently playing for Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo is the 2nd highest paid player in the world with $200,000 A Week salary and 23 Million in yearly salary plus bonuses. He also make as much money with Endorsements as his professional football contracts, according to Forbes latest richlist he is number 9th highest paid athlete in the world with yearly income of $44 Million of which $21 million came as the result of Endorsement deals with the likes of Nike, Konami and Castrol and whole list of other endorsement deals.

Ronaldo total wealth, salary, cars, houses

Full Name: Cristian Ronaldo
D-O-B: 5th February 85
Country: Portugal
Club: Real Madrid



Cristiano Ronald is one of the biggest names in Football, in his early days as a professional footballer he gained alot of success, joined Manchester United and took his career to whole new level. Ronaldo’s time at Manchester United was sensational but his desire to play for Real Madrid took him away from Old Trafford faithfull to Santiago Bernabue where his club form has been absolutely world class.

He along with Lionel Messi is the best player in the world with a shadow of a doubt, his transfer to Real Madrid was the most expensive in the world with 80 GBP in transfer fee and a highly lucarative contract which nets him around $16 Millions every year and he tops that off with his big brands sponsorships like Armani, Gucci, Nike and many more big brands. Forbes count his yearly income to around $35 Millions combined both his club salary and endorsements deals.

Ronaldo is 3rd most marketable athlete in the world, and major sports and clothing brands come calling for his servises every now on than.

Ronaldo was part of Armani campaign with Megan Fox couple of years ago and it for sure was huge step towards sports modeling for Ronaldo who later signed up with Gucci.

A long running partnership, Ronaldo is a major name in football and Nike is the biggest sports brand around the world and they have ronaldo on a massive deal.


Cristiano Ronaldo Houses & Mensions:

1. Madrid Mansion
Cost: $7.2 million
Location: Central Madrid

Ronaldo sealed a move to Real madrid back in 2009 and with the big money contract he bought himself a luxury mension in the heart of Madrid City worth little more than $7 Million. In a programme he let the house to be filmed and if you see the video you will be amazed how good a life you can have if you can bend it like Ronaldo.


2. Alderley Edge Mansion, UK
Cost: $6 million
Location: Cheshire

In his time at Manchester United Ronaldo already was one of the most expensive players in Europe and the mension he bought near Manchester United was the prime example of that. the massive mension had around five bedrooms with bathrooms, while there were tones of other facilities like swimming pool, sauna and cinema.


Thats not it yet, we will be posting more about Cristiano Ronaldo Lifestyle, his girlfriends, Brands hobbies and videos about his interviews and day life. Right now we are in the process of collecting more and more info so bookmark this page and comeback here before the start of next season.

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