Tiger Woods Net Worth 2014 Total Career Earnings Endorsements

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Tiger Woods career earningsTiger Woods Net Worth : $600 million

2012-2013 Earnings: $78.2 million (Forbes)
Salary/Winning/Bonuses – $13 M Million
Endorsements Earning: $65.2 M
Mahor Brands: Nike, EA Sports, PGA Tour Partner, Upperdeck,
Sport: Golf
: 37
Forbest Richlist: 1st Highest Paid athlete in World

One of the greatest golfer to have graced the sport of golf in the recent history, Tiger Woods is not only a player he is the face of gold around the world, His total net worth was calculated to about $600 Million back in 2009 but off the field problem led him to divorse settlements but in the last 12 months 6 tournament wins and whole list of endorsement deals have put him back on top in the Forbes Highest paid athletes. lets take a look how he earns his money.


Tiger Woods total earnings PGA TourTiger Woods Career Winnings:

Year Tour Earnings Total Earnings
1996 $790,594
1997 $2,06 M
1998 $1,84 M
1999 $6,66 M
2000 $9,18 M
2001 $5,68 M
2002 $6,91 M $69 million
2003 $6,67 M $78 million
2004 $5,36 M $80.3 million
2005 $10,62 M $87 million
2006 $9,94 M $90 million
2007 $10,86 M $100 million
2008 $5,77 M $115 million
2009 $10,5 M $110 million
2010 $1,2 M $105 million
2011 $660,238 $75 million
2012 $6,13 M $58 million
2013 $13.1 M $78 million


Tiger Woods Sponsorship dealsTiger Woods Endorsement Deals:

EA Sports
Fuse Science Inc
TLC Laser Eye
PGA Tour Partner


Tiger Woods Properties Houses/mensions

1. Jupiter Island Mansion
Worth: $60 million

Tiger Woods build his very own Mansion in Jupiter Island which cost his around $55 million back in 2008-09, this is a massive mension with its own golf course and its consist of 10,000 sq ft land. Its an ultra exculsive style house which has 2 swimming pools, and all the big windows are facing to the sea site.

It also comes with tennis court, gym, diving pool, lap lane and small golf cours (way to go Mr Woods)

2. Orlando home
Worth: $2.6 million

Tiger Woods bought Orlando House for around $2.6 millions but since his divorce from the wife he has given it to her in divorse settlement, the house is locared in Southwest of Orlando, Florida and it comes with a land of 6,692 sq and 8 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms.

3. Hawaiian Villa
Location: Hawaii island in the United States.

Woods also have a massive and luxury style villa in Hawaii, its more of a vacation house and here are some of the pictures from the modern style villa full of beatutiful and antique furniture.


[ Tiger Woods Cars Collection ] Thats not it yet, Tiger woods has private jet, yachts, luxury cars and much more and we will be posting more about his transportation stuff in another post some other day.

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