Kobe Bryant Net Worth – 2014 Salary & Career Earnings

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Kobe Bryant Salary 2013Kobe Bryant Net Worth : $220 million

2012-2013 Earnings: $62 million (Forbes)

Salary/Winning/Bonuses – $27.9 M

Endorsements Earning: $34 M

Major Brands: Nike, Turkish Airlines. Coca Cola, Mercedes, Lenovo

Sport: Basketball

Age: 34

Forbest Richlist: 3rd Highest Paid athlete in World

With $27.85 million yearly salary Kobe Bryant is the highest paid player in NBA and 3rd in the list of Forbes highest paid athletes in the world, just behind Tiger Woods and Roger Federer, His net Worth is valued at $220, Kobe has many lucarative endorsement deals with many major brands like Nike, Turkish Airlines. Coca Cola, Mercedes-Benz, Lenovo, Panini and Hublo. So lets take a look at how he earns his money and where do he spend.


Kobe Bryant Salary 2013 – $27.9 Million
Bryant’s yearly salary is around $27.9 Million which is the highest in NBA in 2012-2013 season while he has been the top earner in american basketball for third straight year, while he will be the highest paid player in the league again next season with $30.5 million in salaries.

Tiger Woods Career Winnings:

Year Yearly Salary
1996 $1,01 M
1997 $1,16 M
1998 $1,31 M
1999 $9,00 M
2000 $10,1 M
2001 $11,2 M
2002 $12,3 M
2003 $13,5 M
2004 $14,1 M
2005 $15,9 M
2006 $17,7 M
2007 $19,4 M
2008 $21,2 M
2009 $23 M
2010 $24,8 M
2011 $26,2 M
2012 $27,8 M
2013 $24,8 M


Kobe Bryant Endorsement Deals Money:
Like we montioned before, Bryant earns huge sums of money in endorsement deals just like any other top sports athletes, Kobe Bryants 2012-13 sponsorship earnings are more than $34 Million which is way more than his actual salary with the NBA team.

Year Yearly Salary
Adidas (1996) $48 M (6 Years)
McDonald’s (2001) $10 M (5 Years)
Nike (2003) $45 M (5 Years)
Upper Deck
Russell Corporation
Guitar Hero World Tour
Call of Duty: Black Op
Turkish Airlines


Kobe Bryant House/Mansions

Newport Coast Mansion:
Worth: $4 Million

Kobe Bryant bought a house in Newport Coast neighborhood and he lives there with his two children and wife, its a beautifull house which he bought from Dwight Manley, a sport agent.


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