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The “New Corinthians Stadium” in Sao Paulo has bee choosen to host the opening ceremony which is promising to be one the biggest showpiece curtain raiser in the recently history.

Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull finished off a terrible opening ceremony with a decent performance, below is the short highlights from the opening ceremony. I have to Admit Shakira’s performances in 2006 and 2010 were much better.

Jennifer Lopez performances was the only thing keeping the ceremony together, otherwise it was not only waste of time but was bit of awkward and embarrassing.

more 600 performers took part in opening ceremony

FIFA World cup opening ceremony 2014 details

The biggest competition in the world, FIFA Football World Cup 2014 is just a few days away and on this page you will find all the information about the glittering opening ceremony to take place before the world cup matches kicks off. Opening Ceremony has long become a tradition of the biggest competition in the world and since this years competition is going to be the biggest ever we can expect opening ceremony to be as good as the world cup itself.

FIFA World Cup 2014 Opening Ceremony:
Date Time Venue TV Channels
12 June 2014 19:15 BST – 14:15 PT Corinthians Arena,  São Paulo ITV (UK), ESPN (USA)


What to Expect in World Cup Opening Ceremony:

More than 600 dancers, gymnasts, trampolinists will be performing with a giant “light-emitting diode” ball. Since the ceremony is in the daylight we wont get any fireworks. Brazilian Martial Arts called “capoeira” will be performed which is a combination of acrobatics, Dance, Music and fighting styles. While couple of high profile stars will be performing in the opening ceremony.

Jennifer Lopez & Pitbul and Claudia Leitte:

Update: Jennifer Lopez will be performing at the opening ceremony according to her representitives. Earlier reports suggested that she is backing off from the event. all is well if end is well!


JLO, Pitbull and local brazilian singer Claudia Leitte combined to produce the official FIFA World CUp song called “We Are One (Ole Ola)” and now we can confirm that all three of the stars will be performing together on the world stage with live performance of official song as well as individual performances.

Brazilian Band Olodum:

Apart from Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull there will be another local Brazilian band who will be performing in world cup opeing ceremony which promises to excite the fans worldwide.

Opening Ceremony Details:

Before it was rumoured that Beyonce might perform at the opening ceremony but that has been denied by the Beyonce camp and now Jennifer Lopez has pulled out of the opening ceremony, which is suppose to last around 25 minutes and will feature many local celebrities from Brazil and other south american nations.

Around 80 hours of preparation and reherse time has been consumed which goes to show that performers are pretty serious about the exposure they might get.

Performers took 80 hours of reharsal time to prepared themselves for big night.

Iron Man like suit to be worn by a paraplegic during 25 minute Opening ceremony.

Mohammed Assaf:

“Palestine idol” winner and a big name from middle east music industry, Mohammad Assaf has been invited by FIFA president to perform at the biggest stage of them all, the world cup opening ceremony.

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  • Dude

    What a moron this Lopez – Who does she think she is? She is going through her second divorce but that is the wrong excuse to miss such an event – it’s irresponsible and therefore should never be invited to such worldly events ever. Her exposure to the world would have been even bigger, isn’t it what artists live for? I guess she has enough money to live with beyond her life span.

  • numero2

    Jennifer Lopez- make a theme song for an opening ceremony but not show up, ‘all day, all night- wtf’ very unclassy…. at least provide a reason.

  • Nav

    Hi Sameer, is there a test link to check if everything is order. I just wana ensure no last minute surprises – especially with flash plugins! Thx

    • Sameer

      i will post the link few hours before the opening ceremony. dont worry got you covered

  • mehdi.n

    Which TV channels will show the ceremony live?

    • Sameer

      ITV1 in UK, ESPN in USA, SBC in Australia, RDF in Germany, cbc canada etc

      • Sarem


    • superman

      in india sony six hd

  • rashs

    What the hell no shakira!??

    • Sitros

      Shakira has showed that she has something into racism to do.. She does not wanted to sing with Mohammed Assaf and she also has made a song about spain and catalonia!! I think that may be the reason!! NOBODY LIKE RACISM

    • Brahim B.I.A


  • abhishek

    what is the time and date of opening ceromony in india

    • Sameer

      01:45 AM on sony six

      • arfin

        tht means 2 45 mins left

        • Sameer

          to be precise it will be at 1:45 AM india time on 13 july.

      • farhan

        thank you so much sameer bro thanks alot (y)

  • Honey

    Can u please tell me the timing for Italy and which channel??

    • Sameer

      Italy time is 20:00 and the channel is likely to be on RAI and Sky Italia

  • Bimal Suhasaria

    Which TV channels and what time ( IST ) in INDIA,will show the opening ceremony FIFA 2014

    • Sameer

      it will be “Sony Six” and the opening ceremony time in india is around 00:45

  • Gill

    hey sameer.can you please tell me the ceremony time for Pakistan ?and any channel name?

  • Saud

    What are the timings for the opening ceremony in Pakistan and on which day?

    • Sameer

      Early hours of 13 June 2014 at around 1:15 Am pakistani time, channel is likely to be PTV sports.

  • sanaan

    at what time and which date in pak…?plz someone reply….

    • Sameer

      1:15 AM pak time 13 july it should be on PTV Sports, if not than you can watch it on “sony six” indian channel if you have that through your cable operator

    • Saif Ali

      today at 11:15pm Sanaan

  • Sid

    Hey can you suggest some online free live streaming website pls need help … Pls help me.

  • david

    which time it starts for georgia ?

    • Sameer

      at 20:15 on 12 june

  • Himu Shahid

    what time & which date in UAE?

  • shamain

    The first match starts 1 am pak time, how can the ceremony be at 1:15?

    • Sameer

      @disqus_ukgagFzMHs:disqus my mistake. its at 11:15 pm pakistan time…

  • Hania malik

    can u tell me the the opening ceremony time in pakistan and the timing of 1st match?

  • xasan

    what time it will start in Australia ???

  • usman khan

    what is timing of opening sermony in pakistan

  • Mayank

    In India when it will be broadcast 11.45pm or 11.45pm????

    • Sameer

      11:45 PM man, just google the time difference from 7:15 BST to your local time

    • akshaya

      it will be broadcast on 10:30 not 11:45

  • Mayank

    in India when it will be broadcast 11.45am or 11.45pm????

  • Bangladesh: 12:15 pm local timing
    Brazil 7.15pm (BST)
    UAE Dubai 11:30 PM
    London 8:30 pm
    IST Indian Standard Time 10.30 p.m to 12.30 am
    Pakistan 11:15 am (PTV Sports)
    USA America 3.00 pm
    Chicago 2:30 pm
    Honolulu 9:30 am
    Jakarta 2:30 am
    Kiev 10:30 pm
    Lagos 8:30 pm
    Los Angeles 12:30 pm
    Italy 20.00 (Sky Italia)
    Denver 1:30 pm
    Hong Kong 3:30 am
    Houston 2:30 pm
    Karachi 0:30 am
    Kuala Lumpur 3:30 am
    Adelaide 5:00 am
    Auckland 7:30 am
    Berlin 9:30 pm
    Cairo 9:30 pm
    Cape Town 9:30 pm
    Beijing 3:30 am
    Brisbane 5:30 am
    Melbourne 5:30 am
    Moscow 11:30 pm
    Nairobi 10:30 pm
    Tel Aviv 10:30 pm
    Vancouver 12:30 pm
    Paris 9:30 pm
    Phoenix 12:30 pm
    Santiago 3:30 pm
    Singapore 3:30 am
    Manila 3:30 am
    Mexico City 2:30 pm
    Mumbai 1:00 am
    New York 3:30 pm
    Perth 3:30 am
    Riyadh 10:30 pm
    Sao Paulo 4:30 pm
    Sydney 5:30 am
    Toronto 3:30 pm
    Athens 10:30 pm

    • aegistalks

      many thanks for the great detail in this list..! ^^”

  • alex15

    Can you guys please tell me the time for the United States, I would really appreciate.

  • Nischal

    Which Channel will broadcast LIVE IN nepal?

    • Lalu

      NTV will broadcast in Nepal.

  • Sitros

    why u so mad about it? She is not ur sister anyway.. AND NO thanx God, im ot racist!! Dont talk shit about me when u dont know who i am, and i’ve even sayd something stupid. Just said what I’ve heard, idiot!!

  • LollyPolly

    Go Croatia go!

  • gskorich

    really. jlos performance kept it all together ?

  • Morgan

    Can I download FIFA WC 2014 opening ceremony replay?

  • susanadiazvegas

    It´s unbelievable how brazilians were right about the waste of money for this world cup of football, first of all why jennifer lopez? She doesn´t sing at all. Why not brazil musicians, that there are thousands to do better than this half naked woman everytime she is on stage. It´s a disgrace.

  • Sitros

    I also thought it, too bad! But it does not matter, heard the opening ceremony was really bad! HAHA

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