Widespread injuries Blast the world media!

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Thursday, June 22nd, 2017 | 0

Bangladeshi paceman Rubel Hossain has to go to the surgery due to injury. Because of this injury, he must be out of the field for at least six weeks. Rubel’s injuries may seem normal, but the reason is quite ridiculous.


Bangladesh’s departure from the semifinals of the recently concluded Champions Trophy. Everything was fine. But after the return, it is known that Rubel has been suffering from injuries. Because of this, he said that get hurt in the jaw with a push to the hotel door. The injury takes place between nose and eyes.

Rubel’s injuries were different and because of that media reports were different. But who knew that would get the strike through foreign currencies? In the meantime, a large number of news media have made fun of one!

Below are some of the media titles highlighted for readers:


  • South African portal titled ‘IOL’: cricketer + door = broken jaw!
  • Indian sports portal ‘SportsCrya’ wrote: Rubel Hossain is out of the field for a month in a Widespread injuries.
  • Indian daily DNA, Deccan Chronicle and The Indian Express have made almost the same title: Bangladeshi Rubel in the surgery with a knock on the door.
  • The South African sports website ‘Sports 24’ wrote: Rubber in operation after jaw breaks with the door.
  • India’s premier news network ‘Zee News’ wrote about Bangladeshi bowler Rubel Hossain walking towards the door after the Champions Trophy 2017.
  • South African News Agency ‘News 18’ wrote: Rubel Hossain in operation after the knock on the door.
  • Cricket website ‘Crick-i’ wrote: Rubel Hossain under knife-scarf after being hit with the door.
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