Top 10 most Free kick taker all time

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Football is undoubtedly the most famous game on earth. Magicians come from heaven in each era to make this game even greater. As example we can say of Pele and Maradona who came in last century and undoubtedly the two most famous players of all time. After that in this era, Messi and Ronaldo is on line to prove who is superior.

Among all the important things for a great footballer like dribbling, shooting, scoring, tackling, passing, stealing and other important things, Free-Kick is one of the most important ones.

Top 10 most Free kick taker all time

Here is our list of top 10 best free-kick taker of all time.

  1. Ronaldinho –

The Brazilian sensation is undoubtedly one of the greatest free-kick taker. His career has been very good and in terms of free-kick he was a master. Power, accuracy, curve and so other. You name it and he could have done it. No wonder he was such a good player.

  1. Alessandro Del Piero –

Juventus legend Piero was nothing short of excellence. He was a member of world cup winning team and in his 19 years of football he showed everyone how to really take a free-kick. He was good, he was accurate and he was powerful at doing what he does best. Finding the back of their opponents net.

  1. Roberto Baggio –

He was one of the best free kick taker of his time. This man was nothing short of the deadliest strikers. From a distant, there was nothing this man could not do. He takes our 8th position easily.

  1. David Beckham –

I wonder how many have forgotten about his goal from nearly midfield in one shot. That already tells his capability as a shooter. He is one of the greatest in English history and there were no goalkeeper who didn’t shiver at the thought of him taking the free-kick.

  1. Gheorghe Hagi –

What to say about this man? There is barely anything to say. He was once even compared to Maradona because of his outstanding talent in the mid-field. He was really one of the best of all time and he is in the 6th position of our list.

  1. Diego Maradona –

Two times world cup winner and the football genius Maradona takes the place as the 5th best free kick taker of all history. There is no doubt about the capabilities of this man and thus I believe that there is no need to write more about this.

  1. Michel Platini –

French has produced some world class footballer that had their name curved in history. Along with Zidane, the other name that goes way beyond is none other than Platini. He was a very accurate free-kick taker and he makes it to the 4th place quite easily.

  1. Zico –

The Brazilian was once nothing more than a set-piece for popular players of that time. But look what happened. Perhaps they didn’t know then that Zico would come this far. But little by little this man has proved to be a beast. He scored from free-kicks as he was scoring from penalties. That’s how good he really was.

  1. Sinisa Mihajlovic –

Serbian defender went almost to the top of our list. Till now most of the players that were chosen were either forwards or mid-fielders. But this defender was so good with hitting the ball with superb power and accuracy that he took the 2nd place of this list easily.

01. Juninho Pernambucano –

Haven’t heard this name you say? Maybe you are living in a different world. True that he was never Pele or maradona caliber but that doesn’t mean that he wasn’t good at something. Actually he was better at it than anyone either it’s the football emperor Pele or football god Maradona. He was simply better at this than them. He takes the top place for our best free-kick taker of all time.

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