Top 10 all-time leading goal scorer in UEFA Champions League

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In the club football the biggest tournament of football history and the biggest tournament of Europe was started since 1955. This traditional tournament was turned into the Champions League from European Cup title.Most 10 Champions league title winner are Spanish giant Real Madrid and Current Champion are also Spanish GiantBarcelona. On the Champions league history, the greatest football in the earth Lionel Messi from Argentina and C Ronaldo from Portugal with 77 goals,is the top goals scorer.

Messi ronaldo

Messi ronaldo

  1. Lionel Messi            

Country                        : Argentina

Club                             : Barcelona

Playing Duration            : 2005 – Present

Total Appearances        : 98

Total Goals                   : 77

Lionel Messi is the greatest player in now a days with no doubt. This Argentine in his 10 years careers in Barcelona had played 514 games and scored 423 goals. In this 98 games in Champions League and Messi was scored 77 goals with .78 goals ration per match and become the most goal scorer in the Champions league football history.

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo

Country                        : Portugal

Club                             : Manchester United, Real Madrid

Playing Duration            : 2003 – Present

Total Appearances        : 115

Total Goals                   : 77

Another greatest player in the football era, Portuguese C Ronaldo, is the second most goals scorer in Champions league history. In his 12 years professional club career have been played 115 games in Champions league from Manchester United and Real Madrid. There he had scored 77 goals the equal best goals scoring in Champions league history with Lionel Messi. In his club career Ronaldo had been played 623 games and scored 436 goals so far.

  1. Raul Gonzalez

Country                        : Spain

Club                             : Real Madrid, Schalke 04

Playing Duration            : 1995 to 2011

Total Appearances        : 142

Total Goals                   : 71

This Spanish is the most appearances holder so far, who finished his club and international career at 2011. Before break his record of this season he was the most goals scorer in football history of Champions League. In his 142 appearances Raul had scored 71 goals, where in his club career he was scored 383 goals in 909 games.

  1. Ruud van Nistelrooy

Country                        : Netherlands

Clubs                            : PSV, Manchester United, Real Madrid

Playing Duration            : 1998 to 2009

Total Appearances        : 73

Goals Scored                 : 56

Dutch’s greatest footballer of recent past Nistelrooy had scored 56 goals in his 73Champions league appearances. This makes him the 4th most goals scorer in Champions league all time.

  1. Thierry Henry

Country                        : France

Clubs                            : Monaco, Arsenal, Barcelona

Playing Duration            : 1997 to 2010

Total Appearances        : 112

Goals Scored                 : 50

This France man was the greatest striker in his times. And he have been played 112 matches in champions league with Monaco, Arsenal and Barcelona. In his times he had scored 50 champions league goals. Which makes him 5th most goals scorer in Champions league history.

  1. Alfredo Di Stefano

Country                        : Argentina and Spain

Clubs                            : Real Madrid

Playing Duration            : 1955 to 64

Total Appearances        : 58

Goals Scored                 : 49

The Real Madrid’s golden time’s hero Alfredo Di Stefano is the 6th on the list with 49 goals in his 58 appearances and in this times Real Madrid was won 5 Champions League title and all was comes consecutively.

  1. Andriy Shevchenko

Country                        : Ukraine

Clubs                            : Dynamo Kyiv, Milan, Chelsea

Playing Duration            : 1994 to 2012

Total Appearances        : 100

Goals Scored                 : 48

The living legend of Ukraine football Shevchenko is in 7th on the list for his 48 goals in champion’s league in his 100 appearances from Dynamo Kyiv, Milan and Chelsea in his 18 years of professional club career.

  1. Eusebio

Country                        : Portugal

Clubs                            : Benfica

Playing Duration            : 1961 to 1974

Total Appearances        : 65

Goals Scored                 : 46

Golden time’s hero of Portugal and club Benfica, Eusebio was played 65 matches in Champions League for Benfica and scored 46 goals and won 2 Champions league title in this times.

  1. Filippo Inzaghi

Country                        : Italy

Clubs                            : Juventus, AC Milan

Playing Duration            : 1997to 2013

Total Appearances        : 81

Goals Scored                 : 46

Inzaghi was started his career at Juventus at 1997 and finished form AC Milan 2013. In this times he was played 81 games in Champions League and scored 46 goals and that place him 9th place in all-time most goals scorer in Champions League.

  1. Didier Drogba

Country                        : Ivory Coast

Clubs                            : Marseille, Chelsea, Galatasaray

Playing Duration            : 2003 – Present

Total Appearances        : 92

Goals Scored                 : 44

All-time greatest player for Ivory Coast was started his pro career from France Ligue 1 club Marseille at 2003 and passed his career golden times at EPL club Chelsea and now playing at Turkey club Galatasaray. In his long career played 91 champions league match and scored 44 goals. Which makes him 10th all-time most goals scorer in Champions league history.

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