The Best from Latin America (Football Superstar in history)

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Football means the battle of 2 …… Europe and South America. In Europe there have 17 player who’s score 50+ goals in there career. But is South America there have only 4 person to reach that milestone. Lionel Messi is in the edge of this milestone. With him there are the best 5 list on there.

  1. Pele (Brazil)

77 goals from 91 matches.

This top name of the list is Pele’s.His quality is not enough by his goal number. He is the only player, who have won 3 world cup. He is known the king of the football. First Brazilian scored 1000 goals as well.

Pele goal

  1. Ronaldo (Brazil)

62 goals from 98 Matches

There have some argument, is Ronaldo is the best striker in football world. One of his teammate said “I did not see Pele but I see Ronaldo” some dayslater Swedish Striker Ibrahomovic said “He is my best Opposition in my career”. By his one performance he won 2002 World Cup with Brazil. With 15 goals in world cup career Ronaldo is also the second most goal scorer in world cup.

  1. Gabrial Batistuta (Argentina)

56 goals from 78 matches

Diago Maradon said “Batistuta is the best striker on his eyes” Batigoal remembered into his football fan for his dangerous attendance on D Box. His most of goals of 56, comes from all big tournament. He is the only footballer scored 2 hat-trick on world cup.

  1. Romario (Brazil)

55 goals from 70 matches

Who is the hero of 1994 World cup for Brazil. 90% will says Romario. He was also the best player on that tournament. But unlucky injury did not give him to play next world cup. Though he was in all good form, Filip Scolary did not call him on 2002 world cup because of his 36 years of age.

  1. Lionel Messi (Argentina)

49 goals from 105 matches

Who is Messi? Argentina’s Messi or Barcelona’s Messi. In his club career won so far all possible title. Both personal and with club. But so far he is the second most goals scorer for Argentina, if only scored 7 goals will besides on Batistuta. Also one day he will passed over him. But it is true that, his record with Argentina is so poor.

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