Ronaldo and Ibrahimovic is in the top three most arrogant players

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Thursday, December 31st, 2015 | 0

We all know that neither Ronaldo nor Ibrahimovic is known for their good behavior. They are mostly known for how arrogant they are in behaving and they have earned some bad reputation for that. According some local voting by Lekip about the top three most arrogant players, some predictable results have come out. their result is as follows –

  1. Ibrahimovic – PSG
  2. Ronaldo – Real Madrid
  3. Samir Nasri – Manchester UNited

Well lets see what do we have to say about this.


We are starting with Nasri, who is really indeed a short tempered man. Everyone knows that and he earned a bad reputation in England. This should not surprise anyone who keeps themselves posted in football,

Now, lets talk about Ibrahimovic. He is a good player and there are plenty of reasons why everyone would think that he is arrogant. Mostly, because he doesn’t give a damn about any one else. He is more self centered than most other footballers and seeing him in the top was no surprise.

However, the surprise is Ronaldo. I am not saying he is a saint. But, he seems more changed with his behavior in recent years and he should not be here. He was more arrogant and more foul behaved in the past but if its recent then he should have been out of this list. It just shows how badly he influenced people with his behavior when he was arrogant.

well, these three players are all performing really well and thus we hope for the best for them.


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