Possible golden boot winner of Copa America 2015

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Here Copa America 2015 is going to the quarterfinals and completes 20 match last night. Uruguay defeated by Chili after 1-0 goals after M. Isla’s 80 munities goal. So far 41 goals have been scored after 20 matches. Most 11 goals are scored by host Chili. And Arturo Vidal is leading them after scored 3 goals individually.However before start of the tournament very big name were whispering, who will won the golden boot. L. Messi was 1st on the list, Edison Cavani, L. Suarez was also in the list. Another big name was Neymar. But in the middle of the tournament they all are erased from the list. Let’s see some big and ordinary name who can win the Golden Boot this Copa America tournament.

Arturo Vidal Copa America

Name               : Arturo Vidal

Country           : Chili

Total Goal       : 3

Chilean attacking midfielder Alex Vidal giving lead at the individual goals scoring list and as well as golden boot winning. So far he have scored 3 goals. He have a double scoring shoots against Bolivia, in the way to won match by 5-0 goals.This 28 years old Juventus man have 35 goals at Serie A from Juventus in his 124 goals so far. Have 12 goals for Chili in 64 matches he have played in and out off 3 comes in his last 5 matches.

Name               : Charles Aranguiz

Country           : Chili

Total Goal       : 2

Another midfielder from Chili in the list and staying jointly at second in the list with 2 goals. 26 years of Age Charles have played 36 matches for Chili and he have 6 goals for his national team. Currently he is playing Chilean league club Internacional since 2014. There he have played 55 matches and scored 11 goals.

Name               : Eduardo Vargas

Country           : Chili

Total Goal       : 2

Another Chilean name on the list because of contributing his 2 goals so far for his team.Eduardo is playing for Chili national team since 2010 and so far played 44 matches, where he have scored 20 goals.

Name               : Sergio Aguero

Country           : Argentina

Total Goal       : 2

Comes to the big name by Sergio Aguero, scored 2 goals to lift his team at next round. He have scored first 2 matches on the way to drawn with Ecuador by 2-2 goals. And most importantly, he had contribute himself and scored their most important matches against Uruguay.Sergio Aguero played 63 matches for Argentina and scored 28 goals, where he have 78 goals at Manchester City in his 120 games in EPL.

Name               : Lionel Messi

Country           : Argentina

Total Goal       : 1

The most big name of the tournament is Messi is not erase totally form the list. Though he have scored just 1 goals, but this sensation will got 3 match more if Argentina can play at Final match. Messi have just played his 100th match on last match with Jamaica and scored 46 goals in his national team career. Have so far 423 goals in 514 matches in his club career.

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