How World Cup 2014 Balls Are Made in Pakistan Company

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Pakistan sports goods manufacturing company got the contract from Adidas to make “official FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil” match balls and we went to the plan where they make the match balls. Although they did not let us film the process but willing to give a short interview and a few pictures of the final balls. This is the process involved in making a football ball which will be used in World Cup 2014.

Khawaja Akhtar (CEO Forward Sports Pvt, Pakistan)

Khawaja Akhtar is a football fan and he setup his goal to provide his soccer balls in the biggest competition in the world cup while watching World Cup 2006. Adidas’s contract with a chinese supplier was terminated due to lack of capacity to make a set number of balls in a given period, When Khawaja heard it he immediately invited “Adidas officials” to his plant and assure to make it happen. Towards the last year he got his chance with the contract to supply soccer balls for Brazil World Cup 2014 (the biggest competition in whole world by a margin).

Process of Making Soccer Balls for World Cup at Forward Sports Pakistan:

Employ collects “panels” which will be drafted on to the balls later in the process.

A quality check is done on the panels to be used on match balls

Outer panels placed on the balls with the use of “hot air”, this is manual work

with the use “thermal bonding technology” outer panels are adjusted on the balls. Only thremal bonded balls can absorb the heat and meet fifa’s standards.

This is the final stage of the process planted outer panels on the balls, the employee going through a final check to remove any cavity in seem of a ball.

This is when the ball is completed and sent to final check before they are forward to packing unit.

Finished balls are taken out of the production unit.

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