Nepal vs Afghanistan Live Stream 2013 Semifinal SAFF

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Afghanistan vs Nepal live

Afghanistan vs Nepal Live Stream – Kantipur TV Online
[ The match between Aghanistan and Nepal will be telecasted on Kantipur TV Nepal on TV while you can also tune in here to get the official HD stream of the match from the youtube channel of Saff Championship. Match will be on 8th September at around 18:30 Local Nepal time ]

SAFF Football CHampionship 2013 – 1st Semifinal
Afghanistan vs Nepal
Date: 08 September 2013 – Time: 18:30 Local

Full Match Highlights [ Nepal 0-1 Afghanistan ]

Official Youtube stream – territorial restrictions


Nepal vs Afghanistan 1st Semifinal Preview
In the first semifinal of SAFF Football Championship we will have Afghanistan taking on home favourites Nepal in what should be a massive game on 8th September 2013, Nepal are coming into this match on the back of three very good results, first they beat Bangladesh 2-0 in the opening game of the Group A while they snatched a last gasp draw against pakistan when they scored in the 2nd minute of the injury time and beat India 2-1 in the last group game to make it 2-1 and book their place in the next round with 7 points on the table and unbeaten group stage.

Afghanistan on the other hand is the team of the competition so far, although Maldives scored many goals, Afghani young players have stepped up to the plate and got three very good results in the group stage, they beat Bhutan and Sri Lanka while got a 0-0 draw against high scoring Maldives side.

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  • sanjeev baidya

    I think Nepal will beat south Asia’s no. 1 team Afganisthan 3-1

    • amanullah

      can we watch this match online

    • Yama Ahmadzai

      did you watch the game Sajeev baidya…?

  • sanjeev baidya

    Jai Nepal only Nepal

  • sanjeev baidya

    it is time to cheer for in favour on Nepal and Nepal will also win Final

    • afghanistan

      Afghanistan won LOL

  • sanjeev baidya

    Pasupati nath is in favour of Himalayan country Nepal to win SAFF championship.

  • sadeq

    afg will be the winner….

    • Gaurab


      • fareed

        yes they won

  • Pramodkc

    I think Nepal- 2 and Afghanistan – 0

  • Farhad

    Afghanistan 3- 0 Nepal

  • Jseddiqi

    All the very best Afghanistan 2-1 for Afghanistan.

  • Jseddiqi

    Goal for Afghanistan

  • sandeep

    mount everest never goes down….soooo nepal willllllllllllllll

  • Mosa Stanikzai

    Afghanistan Zindabad !!!
    Afghanistan Will Win Inshallah 🙂

  • deja

    hey, farad shot the f*** up>>> NEPAL will oviously win… WAIT N WATCH ::

    • Yama Ahmadzai

      Stop using F*** Words…Nepal is F*** up

  • عبدالله

    Afghanistan is Best, I like Nepal, But Afghanistan is Other

    • Sami

      a great goalkeeper, just super

  • Mir Lakanwal

    Long live Afghanistan… Well done my dears…

  • Nasir Ayubi Afghan

    I proud to be an Afghan love you Afghanistan love you

  • Afghan force

    Afghan win Sorry Nepal for losing dont cry Nepal

  • Yama Ahmadzai

    A great win for Afghanistan…And shame on Nepal they tried their every trick…but could not work…shame shame…

  • Tiger Afghan

    Afghanistan won the match hahaha Nepal u guys forgot cricket hahah

  • Obaidullah Abid

    Aghans young team proudly beat the Nipalies


    it was a very good time and the result is to much good for my country and my people, congratulation all Afghan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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