Name of the roads Di Maria, Messi

by Nicholas Salgado | Posted on Monday, December 1st, 2014 | 0

“In which road is your house situated?”

Answer – “Lionel Messi”

If someone gives that kind of answer then we would have to say “Sorry, didn’t understand. Could you repeat that?” Chances are the answer will be same the 2nd time.

messi and di maria

What id Messi himself asks the question? How will the Argentine Captain feel?

But getting this kind of answer is very natural in Argentina’s North-West province’s Tukuman city. After Argentina got to the final of the World Cup, many different roads in this city were renamed by players’ names. Names like Messi, Mascherrano, Di Maria is very popular in the area.

When we asked a citizen of this area Nansi Kiroga, she jokingly answered – “My sister lives on Di Maria (road). She (sister) thinks it’s a very good thing. Cause her son plays on Di Maria’s position.”

This kind of response shows the love of football in Argentina and after 24 years when they made it to the finals, it was really a joyous occasion for the Argentine’s but it was too bad that they couldn’t win the World Cup.

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