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In last 3 season English Premier League team had not such a good record on Champions League competition. Manchester United can’t participates on CL last season as well. Other hand Inter Milan and AC Milan is absence in Champions League from last 2 season.

La Liga EPL

In different angle like, attendance, Star Player, Worth, Tittle winning and participation, which is the best football league in this world? It supposed to be that worth can’t buy happiness. It must not true for football.

English Premier League is the biggest league in the world but they have not such success on Champions League.

Title after 2000 at European Tournament

La Liga                                   : 6 Champions League and 6 Europa League

English Premier League       : 3 Champions League and 2 Europa League

Serie A                                    : 3 Champions League

Bundesliga                             : 2 Champions League


Last season there have no English club on champions league QF, which is happened 2nd time on last 3 season

Title Winning:

In this list there have no contest with Spanish La Liga. La Liga team have won 15 title on last 15 year of European Tournament.

The difference is such big that, the total amount of trophy of other 3 country is not same of La Liga amount.

Real Madrid and Barcelona won 3 Champions League title. Sevilla have 3 Europa Leauge, 2 For Atletico Madrid and 1 for Valencia. Second place is for English Club.

In last 15 years Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool have one each title of Champions League. Liverpool and Chelsea have won each time Europa League.

In Italy, AC Milan have 2 champions league and Inter win one champion’s league. Other side 2 champions league title had goes to Bundesliga and both time won by Bayern Munich.

Average Spectators each match at Stadium:

Bundesliga                 :           42, 609

Premier League         :           36,695

La Liga                       :           26,955

Serie A                        :           23, 385

Spectators it the main strength of Budesliga, they have 42, 609 viewers in each match at stadium. In budesliga’s ticket price is lower than other league in Europe.

Someone says that la liga is the tournament of 2 team, Real Madrid and Barcelona.

But if we count except this 2 team, 12 teams had played Champions League from top 4th place of La Liga. Even this is the first time of 2015-16 season Champions League, 5 teams from a single league is playing at Champions League. 11 German Club and 10 Club from Serie A had come from top 4. Other hand only 7 teams from Premier League had comes from top 4 to Champions League.

But in goal per match, Bundesliga is the best to scoring goals. They have scored goals 3.1 per match in average. On the other league the rate is 2.7 in average.

As per Europe authority’s measurement Bundesliga is the top league, La Liga in second, Serie A is in 3rd and Premier League in the 4th of the table.

Income from TV Broadcasting:

Premier League                     :           23.0 Billion

Serie A                                    :           10.0 Billion

La Liga                                   :           9 Billion

Bundesliga                             :           5.7 Billion


15-80 $ is the per ticket price of Bundesliga match and there Premier League’s match per ticket’s value will be.

It is higher in Span and Italy

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