Messi’s Missed Penalties (List)

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Wednesday, September 30th, 2015 | 0

The biggest sensation of current football Lionel Messi is the no.1 player without any doubt. This Barca forward have no problem with score by drill 3 or 4 player in D Box or outside of D Box. But it is being a problem now a days for Messi, can’t score from Penalties. Penalty is the easiest way to scored probably in football perspective. Some days earlier, Messi’s most nearest challenge C. Ronaldo had scored his 11th goals from penalty at Champions League. Also got hat- trick on that match with 2 penalties.

Messi Missed Penalties

However so far Messi missed 15 Penalties for Barcelona. And his first missed Penalty was on 2008 against Villarreal, although Barca had victory on that match by 1-0 goal. But little master missed 6 penalties in his 12 last attempted. Which is the most by any player in La Liga in last 10 season.

Except this 15 attempt he also missed 2 penalty for his national team Argentina. First missed for Argentina was on 2012 against Germany and 2nd missed was against Brazil on 2014. They have 3-0 victory against Germany but defeated by 2-0 goals against Brazil.

List of Penalty missed:

Date League Opposition Result (Barca/ Argentina score first)
January 31, 2008 Copa del Rey Villarreal 1-0
November 12, 2008 Copa del Rey Benidorm 1-0
April 11, 2009 Copa del Rey Recreatova 2-0
September 14, 2010 Champions League Panthiaskos 5-1
January 19, 2011 Copa del Rey Real Betis 1-3
October 22, 2011 La Liga Sevila 0-0
February 1, 2012 La Liga Valencia 5-1
April 25, 2011 Champions League Chelsea 2-2
August 15, 2012 Argentina (friendly Match) Germany 3-1
August 28, 2013 Spanish Super Cup Atletico Madrid 0-0
April 5, 2014 La Liga Real Betis 3-1
September 21, 2014 La Liga Levante 5-0
October 11, 2014 Argentina (friendly Match) Brazil 0-2
January 21, 2015 Copa del Rey Atletico Madrid 1-0
February 25, 2015 Champions League Manchester City 2-1
August 23, 2015 La Liga Athletico Bilbao 1-0
September 20, 2015 La Liga Levante 4-1


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