Joakim Low’s extraordinary achievement of 100 wins

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Tuesday, June 27th, 2017 | 0

Joachim Low continuing German coach for a decade. Make the responsibility for himself as permanent settlement.  Why that will not be!  Any team wants to leave successful coach like low!

The country won the 2014 World Cup. A unique celebration has developed yesterday. As the coach, he took 100 wins for the first time. Germany beat Cameroon 3-1 in the final group match of the Confederations Cup. And after this win, after the come back of 2005 Confederations Cup,  they reached the last four of the tournament. Along with the 100th win, another record has been produced by Low. After taking responsibility, he has taken Germany to at least semifinal in each major competition in the last one era.

It’s a great pleasure to have the achievements. Being able to take the most happy team in the semifinals, ‘Of course I’m happy. As a coach 100 wins- looks good.”In August 2006, Low took charge of Germany as the successor to Jürgen Kleinsmann. In addition to the celebration , he also expressed his gratitude, “After this success, I remember those people who were with me from the beginning. Helped me out of hand. Specifically, the team manager Oliver Bierhoff and Goalkeeping coach Andreas Coppe, Hansie Flick (assistant coach of the 2014 World Cup) There are also players. They are the key to my success. ”

After the hundredth winning and lifting the team in the semi, the goal of Low is now the final of the Confederations Cup. Germany will face Mexico in the Semifinal, “Mexico is a very strong opponent. The match will be very difficult. Mexico is a great team to coordinate some very good players. ‘

The match against Mexico is a different feeling of feeling awake Laura The main reason is that he did not play too much matches against the North and Central American opponents, he said, “We do not play too much with the Central American teams. That’s why I’m waiting for the interest of the match. We have to do well in this match. ‘

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